Adidas and Kanye West Are Launching a New Athleisure Line

Forget Yeezy season, we've officially entered the era of Yeezy


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Back in 2013, Kanye West warned us on the opening track of his album that “Yeezy season approaches,” and while you may think that you’ve already experienced the pinnacle of insanity surrounding the rapper’s footwear and clothing line, it seems as though we are all in fact just in the eye of the Yeezus hurricane. Adidas and Kanye announced on Wednesday that the pair would be doubling down on their partnership made in hypebeast heaven with plans to launch yet another athleisure line in addition to their already booming streetwear business.

After the monumental successes and revenue the rapper has brought to the athletic brand, they decided to pair up again on a collection called adidas + Kanye West, an athleisure line that will produce footwear, apparel, and accessories, as well as standalone retail stores that will exclusively offer the collaboration. With his new line, West hopes to branch out into more technical apparel that can be worn both on the streets and on the court. He told the Wall Street Journal, “I’m not just a musician singing in front of a mic, we are running, jumping, we’re getting hurt. We’re in the same arenas that the ballplayers play in,” so this transition into performance wear seems like a logical next step.

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West shared the news on his Twitter account, writing “Beautiful morning” along with a link to which Adidas Originals responded, “Yes it is, we’re just getting started and we’ve got all day.” He also pointed out another auspicious sign for his new collection, posting a video for his fans of the song that was playing as he stepped in to his car that morning–”My Adidas” by Run D.M.C.

Actually, after all that, forget Yeezy season, we’ve officially entered the era of Yeezy.

Since our anticipation for the new collection has already reached a fever pitch, here’s five things we hope the rapper will deliver with his forthcoming line.

The Yeezy Snuggie

Because who doesn’t want to be swaddled under the finest Italian fleece, ideally imprinted with a giant picture of Kanye’s face and his most prolific tweets?

The iYeezy

Kanye has always said he’s the Steve Jobs of rap, but who said he couldn’t actually just be Steve Jobs and help invent the next generation of Apple technology.

Kan-EYE Wear

He could specialize in shutter shades that make you invisible to paparazzi.

Under Yeezys

Like Calvin Klein underwear for a new generation of street style stars. “Nothing gets between me and my Under Yeezys.”

Yeezy Lip Kits

Sorry, Kylie, but Kanye knows a good idea when he hears it and considering how many opinions the rapper has on just about everything, we’re sure he also has some pretty strong ideas about what color your mouth should be.

Are you excited for Kanye’s new clothing line? Do you plan on buying any of the pieces? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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