Add It Up: Lucy Liu's Valentino Pastels

Prouse/Catwalking/Getty; Moore/Catwalking; Rex USA

Lucy Liu‘s style ante has definitely been upped by her new role on Cashmere Mafia — she’s been making edgier choices in her wardrobe for months. But when we saw her in this Valentino dress and volumetric cape, we just didn’t get it. So we went back to the runway to see where exactly things went wrong — it is the never-endingly elegant Valentino, after all! The dress is so chic on its own — imagine it with a loose updo and strappy silver heels. And while the cocoon coat isn’t something you’d throw on to run to the grocery store, we see where the designer was going thanks to its monochromatic pairing with a pink column dress. Put together, the two pieces sadly make the gorgeous actress look more like an Easter decoration than a catwalk queen. As for Liu’s reasons for being at Valentino’s final show, she tells PEOPLE: “He designed such incredible pieces. Not only are they special but they’re romantic — the bow, everything. His sense of humor and his love of life comes through in everything he does. And it’s his last show, so I’m here to celebrate.” Tell us: Do you like Lucy’s outfit? Do you like the pieces better individually?

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