Here's What Happened When Adam Rippon Taught Danny Amendola How to Manscape

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For athletes Adam Rippon and Danny Amendola, shaving their bodies might not be something they discuss on an everyday basis — despite the fact that it's a part of their daily routines. But now, the Olympic figure skater and pro football star are teaming up with Nivea Men in the video below to tackle the topic straight-on, a move they hope will help men everywhere feel comfortable baring their hair-free skin.

We spoke to the stars about their body-shaving and skincare regimens, and everything that went down behind-the-scenes of their Baring is Caring campaign shoot, below.

"I think there's a little bit of taboo when it comes to men's grooming," Rippon, who manscapes his entire body, tells PeopleStyle. "There's a statistic* that 79 percent of men do some sort of grooming from the neck down. It's not being talked about and I think a lot of guys don't really know what to do. This line and this campaign will hit home and give a lot of information for guys out there."

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For Amendola, who says he grooms his body on a regular basis, grooming is an important part of his pre-game ritual. "I shave my arms and my legs. It's not easy to play and wear these pants with the taped ankles and wrists without trimming or shaving your body. Its something that my teammates and a lot of men do, whether they play sports or if they just want to look good."

But the New Miami Dolphins football player wasn't manscaping the right way — which is where Rippon comes in. "My boy, Adam Rippon, helped me and showed me how to use his techniques. He's a guy who shaves for his sport, his job and for his lifestyle. It was great to learn from the best."


"My number-one tip is to make sure you're prepared for the shave before and after," advises Rippon. "You need to make sure you're using something to prevent irritation, like the Nivea Men's sensitive shaving gel or the Nivea Men shaving stick."

And according to Rippon, the after-shave care is just as important as the preparation.

"After you're done shaving everything, it's really important to hit it with the face balm or the after shave lotion, in order to help prevent that razor burn that everyone hates."

"I like to keep things pretty maintained," Rippon adds. "I like to trim a lot and every once in a while, I will hit my legs with the razor just because there's nothing better than shaving your legs and getting into bed and feeling the sheets on your freshly shaved legs."

But the figure skater, who posed nude in ESPN's Body issue, says hair isn't the only thing he focuses on in order to keep his body looking flawless. Rippon has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

When I was getting ready to do the Body issue, I wanted to make sure I was looking as good as I could. Besides trying to do some emergency last minute workouts, I wanted to look all groomed and ready and clean and that's why I was trimmed and tanned myself with St. Tropez Express Tanning Lotion the night before."


And yes, his iconic cheek contour during the Olympics was his own doing.

"I go back and forth between using a MAC bronzer and Too Faced bronzer," he shares. "My best advice is using a setting spray — my favorite one is All Nighter by Urban Decay. I read one review that said, 'I'm a stripper and my makeup doesn't sweat off during a whole night of dancing.' I'm like if it won't sweat off her, I'm safe."

*According to a Nivea Men survey

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