July 03, 2012 02:30 PM

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New movie, new mustache. Adam Levine surfaced on the New York City set of his first-ever film, Can a Song Save Your Life?, on Sunday sporting a new accessory: a ‘stache!

Though the Maroon 5 frontman and
judge has sported facial scruff before, this new mustache is a bit of a … different look for the star. Right after debuting the new look, the star revealed an even hairier look on his Mobli page — a full beard (below)!

Appearing on
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
last week, Levine dished on his first acting experience. “John Carney’s directing, the guy that did Once, which is an incredible movie we love so much,” he said. “He thought of me [for this role]. I told him I wasn’t an actor and have never acted — this didn’t seem to bother him very much. And now I think maybe I can act, maybe. Hopefully.” (Monday, he added on Twitter, “Shot my first scene this morning! I think I did well because nobody yelled at me.”)

He’s not stopping there: Levine is also going to appear on an upcoming episode of American Horror Story, he said. So are all of these new gigs going to his head? Maybe. After adjusting a pillow on Fallon’s set, Levine joked, “Ever since I became an actor I’ve become really high maintenance.” Tell us: What do you think of Levine’s movie facial hair?

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