See the singer's squeaky clean new do

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated October 13, 2015 12:42 PM

You already knew Adam Levine had shaved his head, and had grieved for his shorn locks. But his newly bald pate made its pre-taped TV debut on The Voice last night, and Twitter exploded. The consensus seemed to be that, while we knew he could rock a buzz, we weren’t anticipating his scalp to be quite so … shiny.

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For those who missed the initial haircut, Levine wants be clear about one thing: Shaving his head was his idea. He hit Twitter to defend the look after receiving an influx of complaints about his new (no) hair:

Of course, this isn’t the first time Levine’s Voice mane changes have inspired an outcry. Previously he’s dyed his mane platinum blond (and yeah, we were shocked then, too) and sheared his hair into a short buzz. (He’s also gotten a trim from his supermodel wife, if you’re a Levine haircut completist.) And he’s inspired derision from cohost Blake Shelton at every step of the way.

Read on for Twitter’s best (or most alarming) responses to Levine’s hair, then vote: Which way do you like his locks best?

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–Sarah Kinonen

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