The Voice judge is trying something new with his do

Gregg DeGuire/Wireimage(2)

With The Voice well underway and competition heated, Adam Levine has to do whatever he can to set himself apart from the other judges. He looks left and sees Shakira’s majestic mane, Usher’s modified hi-top fade, and Blake Shelton‘s luxurious curls. What, he asks, can he do to make his hair more distinctive?

We’re not sure that’s exactly how it went down, but there’s got to be some explanation for the sleek, half-shaved, half-clipped and fully gelled do he was sporting at last night’s Voice season 6 private concert in L.A. (As a reminder, his typical hairdo is more like this.) According to a source who attended the concert, “I’d say it made him look less ‘model’ handsome and more biker-boy slick, especially with all the product he had in it to make it form like that. It was a very different look for him.”

Of course, his best frienemy Shelton didn’t miss an opportunity to needle him about his new look. This is how that conversation went down, verbatim, when we interviewed the duo on the red carpet:

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BS: I’m gonna beat [new judge Pharrell]. I’m gonna beat you!
AL: Shut up, you’re so loud in my ear.
BS: And get a full mohawk next time. You’ve got half a mohawk.
AL: I don’t want a full one.

We don’t blame Levine for not going for the full ‘hawk — after all, he has to take Shelton’s merciless mocking into consideration when planning any hairdo. But this new sheared and sharp rockabilly look (especially when worn with a leather jacket) definitely fits with his overall vibe, so we can see him going even more extreme next time.

What do you think of this new look for Levine? Are you into it or want him to start growing his hair back immediately?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Melody Chiu