Adam Levine Spends 13 Hours Getting a Tattoo That Covers His Entire Right Leg

The Maroon 5 frontman documented the intense process in an Instagram video

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Adam Levine just tattooed the only largely uncovered area left on his body.

Over the weekend, the Maroon 5 frontman, 42, spent 13 hours getting an intricate Japanese-inspired design inked on his right leg by tattoo artist Bill Canales.

Levine documented the entire process for his fans, posting a black-and-white time lapse video on Instagram with the caption, "13 hours later…@billcanales."

The tattoo artist posted a seven-minute video cut on his own feed, which showed the entire process, from Sharpie outlining to the final results. In the caption, Canales called Levine a "true warrior to say the least" for enduring two full-day sessions.

"So cool to be a fly on the wall and watch your process," one person commented. "Still don't understand how you work so fast. I need to see this in person."

While fellow tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko wrote, "Incredible work Bill! Adam is stoked!"

In March, the singer shared several videos of Kostechko adding the finishing touches to a large design of ocean waves located on his left leg.

"Day 3," Levine captioned one clip, which showed Kostechko shading some lines on his calf.

The singer wrote alongside another video, "Today was ouch but worth it."

Kostechko, who aside from being an artist is also the boyfriend of model Charlotte McKinney, previously created another tattoo for the singer, a large Immaculate Heart on Levine's neck.

Levine has a passion for tattoos — with over two full sleeves on his arms and more than a dozen of other designs inked across his body.

"Tattoos wind up being this strange road map or narrative over the years," he told PEOPLE in 2013 for his Sexiest Man Alive cover. "They always remind me of this long, weird, awesome journey life has been."

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