After six months, the singer has finally debuted the finished product


Adam Levine has so many tattoos that, at this point, it’s kind of hard to tell what exactly is new versus our inability to create a working map from memory of every single piece of ink on his body (not for lack of trying). So when his wife Behati Prinsloo shared this snap of her husband’s back on Instagram, we were hesitant at first to make any official declarations as to its newness, but after close inspection of this back piece, it’s safe to say, there is definitely some new body art going on here.

Adam Levine back tattoo

Behati Prinsloo/Instagram

What started as a simple mermaid tattoo, has now evolved into a full-blown landscape, covering almost the entirety of the Maroon 5 singer’s back with a mythological scene complete with crashing waves, a lost ship, and a handful of swallows that are making the early aughts emo kid inside all of us super jealous.

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According to Levine’s Instagram post featuring his fresh ink, this was a six-month work in progress between him and Bryan Randolph of Spider Murphy’s Tattoo in California. The Voice coach thanked him for, “absolutely blowing my mind with this one!” and his model wife concurred in her Instagram caption that there’s “some serious art happening” here. So who wants to take bets on how much longer it will be until we see a portrait of Behati make it onto Adam’s body art collage? At the rate he’s going, he better start saving some space.

What do you think of Adam’s new back tattoo? What would you like to see him get inked with next? Which is your favorite?

–Emily Kirkpatrick