When it comes to hydrating her skin, she keeps it simple

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated June 14, 2016 08:04 PM

The only thing better than a celebrity sharing her beauty secrets? A celebrity sharing her affordable beauty secrets. And actress Lisa Bonet is letting us in on her must-have hair and body product, which you can easily get your hands on.

Credit: David Livingston/Getty

David Livingston/Getty

“I use organic coconut oil, which is what I use on my body as well,” Bonet tells The New York Times of her routine. “I was using coconut oil before the current craze. It’s simple and pure. Why put a lotion on your body that has 10 ingredients when you can put on one that is from nature and smells divine and does the job?”

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As for her everyday makeup look? Some tinted moisturizer and SPF is all she relies on — as well as Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer Illuminating as a “glowy highlighter,” which her daughter, Zoë Kravitz, turned her on to. And for night, a glittery black eye pencil and mascara does the trick.

“If I’m going out at night, I usually pick my eyes to accentuate,” she says. “My go-to is a black sparkly pencil by Sisley. It adds a little sparkle, and it’s very easy to play with.”

But her beauty routine hasn’t always been easy. Bonet adds that although she keeps her brows natural these days, she’s had some mishaps in the past, and so has Kravitz.

“Although, as young women, we like to experiment, and I did tweeze them once,” she says, adding she has a school picture to prove it. “It’s amazing how brows can change your face. I remember my mother was flabbergasted when I came out of the bathroom. I would tell my daughters not to over-tweeze — maybe Zoë did it once — but you’ve got to let them fly, too.”

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— Jillian Ruffo