A TikToker Compared the Size of Her Skims Bikini to a Tortilla Chip — Spoiler, the Chip Was Bigger

In a now viral TikTok, social media user @bbysarita showed just how micro her new Skims purchase

TikToker Compares The Size Of Her Skims Underwear To A Tortilla Chip
Photo: bbysarita/TikTok

"Pass the guac" please!

That was the comment from makeup brand Urban Decay's official TikTok account when TikTok user @bbysarita shared a now viral video comparing her new Skims micro triangle bralette and thong to a tortilla chip.

Last week the 28-year-old social media creator and software engineer took to TikTok to talk to her followers about the size of her newly ordered Skims set from the brand's popular "Fits Everybody" collection. To help visualize the scale of the two-piece set Sarah placed three tortilla chips over each triangular piece of fabric on the top and bottom.

With one Trader Joe's tortilla chip on each nipple covering and one chip over the underwear, the creator sarcastically said, "so if you've been eyeing the skims micro bikini and wondering about the size…these are tortilla chips for scale."

The account's creator Sarah exclusively told PEOPLE that the idea to compare the bikini to a tortilla chip came from her boyfriend who already dubbed it "the Dorito bikini" before she tried it on. Saying "I was in the kitchen opening packages and my boyfriend...took the chips out so we could compare the size."

Since the initial posting it has been viewed nearly nine million times and amassed one and a half million likes – leading viewers to need to see the bikini in action, and leading to questions about why the creator even purchased it in the first place.

Responding to the comment "PUT IT ON BESTIE" Sarah tried on the itty-bitty silver swimsuit on top of biker shorts and a skin-tight tank top. She demonstrated how the bottoms are "not going to work for anyone" by showing how they barely cover the region they are supposed to, how they don't reach as close to the belly button as most bikini bottoms, and how the back is practically just a string.

She said, "I would probably wear the top to like a private pool, not the beach. Um, these bottoms I would wear in my backyard for, like, cute tan lines, I would never wear this in public."

Another commenter asked, "Why did u buy this lol," to which the creator responded with a greenscreen video showing how the bikini appeared online. Saying, "so this is how it looks on our good sis the model. Um, I think as the sizes went down they got exponentially smaller cause this seems to cover a good amount, I don't know."

Claiming that because the model depicted was a different size she assumed it would fit her the same way, just adjusted to her body shape. But that wasn't the case.

This isn't the first Skims product the creator has purchased, she told PEOPLE "most of my closet is Skims" but despite her clear love for the brand, "Lately [the products have] been hit or miss for me."

Expanding on that, "As a small chested person, none of their tops with cups fit right, there is always gapping. My favorite products are the velour collection and the socks. Sounds crazy but I only wear Skims socks."

Sarah exclusively told PEOPLE that she didn't think the clip would get this much attention. Saying "I mean I thought it was pretty funny but not that funny. Tiktok always goes the opposite of how you think."

She continued, "I'm still learning my niche. Some videos I think are so good and I put so much work into editing, and they get like 200 views. So I think the low effort talking in front of the green screen is what seems to work best for me. Any time I mention Skims, people are interested. My special interest is the Kardashians, especially Kim, so I'm usually one of the first people to notice something they do and speak on it."

However, despite her quick turnaround on all things Kardashians, Skims hasn't taken notice to her tortilla chip comparison. But Sarah still hopes to catch mogul founder Kim's eye. "Kim is my absolute role model. If I met her I would scream cry. So I'm waiting to see if they would make use of this virality and reach out."

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