Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Hat Shopping

By Sarah Ball
December 20, 2016 06:00 AM

Finding the perfect fit of anything can be complicated (and exhausting) but when it comes to finding the perfect winter hat it can nearly seem impossible. Which is why we’ve teamed up with the Design Director of Hat Attack, Cooper McManus, to help streamline the process and provide some tips on what to look for when shopping for one.

General Tips and Tricks:

  • To avoid static when wearing a beanie, opt for a heavier knit, like Deputy Style Director Alex Apatoff’s.
Lauren Perlstein
  • For those of you like our Writer-Reporter, Colleen Kratofil, who feel like you just don’t look good in hats, try a felt fedora (similar to Hat Attack’s Avery Style) or a slouchy beanie.
  • The fit of a hat shouldn’t be tight, but shouldn’t be loose enough to fall off.
  • When shopping for a hat your hair should be down. Make sure to try multiple of the same style — as often, the size can vary even if they appear to be the same.

  • Tips for Shopping for Beanies:

    Tips for Shopping for Brimmed Hats: 

    • OVAL FACE SHAPE: Cooper recommends a high crown to make the appearance of your face look longer. Avoid round crowns or wide crowns which accentuate roundness, like our Social Media Editor, Lindy Segal’s hat.
    Lauren Perlstein
    • SQUARE FACE: Cooper recommends a round crown to even out the squareness of the face. Try wearing a soft, more squishy crown.
    • LONG/OVAL FACE: Cooper recommends a variety of styles, but advises to avoid high crowns and flat brims. A medium or downward brim works great for a long face – like our Senior Style Editor Brittany Talarico’s hat.
  • SMALL FACE: Cooper recommends that you avoid large brims that are too overpowering. Try a soft, short brim with a higher crown.