October 07, 2013 10:00 AM

When a PeopleStyleWatch.com editor first tried on this faux leather design, she dubbed it the “shapewear of pencil skirts.” Because, in addition to looking chic and being super-versatile (it’s office-friendly and date-ready), the skirt has this shapewear-esque way of holding everything in and making anyone who wears it look slimmer and smoother. The fact that the skirt’s affordable just makes the decision to get one even more of a no-brainer.

There are two benefits to the skirt (which you can order here) being faux leather. 1. It’s $88, which is oh, you know, a few hundred less than many real leather pencil skirts out there. (And it’s under $80 if you’re a first-time Joyus shopper. Enter PEOPLE10 at checkout to get the discount on orders over $50 and free shipping.) 2. It’s way more breathable than real leather, while still having a second-skin, magical sucking-in, look-so-much-slimmer-once-it’s on effect.

(Psst, no one has to know you’re wearing fake leather. Pause at the 0:12 minute mark in the video above. Pretty damn real looking, right?)

We’re wearing ours with everything from basic white tees and statement necklaces to button-downs and pumps. And of course, when we really want to dial up the edge, we throw on the pencil skirt with the coordinating jacket, which is also surprisingly affordable.

And if leathah-on-leathah isn’t your thing, wear the zip-up bomber over a sweater in a girlie shade, plus skinny jeans. The contrast of rock ‘n’ roll and feminine makes for a great look.

Happy shopping and be sure to let us know what you think of the pieces!

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