A Life-Changing Tip From Model Ashley Graham: Fake It 'Til You Make It (She Does!)

"There's never been anything to prepare me for where I am today," she tells PeopleStyle.

As a model, it’s Ashley Graham’s job to look poised, polished and put together at all times. But she will tell you it’s not easy. For our new video series, Life-Changing Tips, Graham reveals that the one thing that’s really helped her become so successful is being fake—as in faking it ’til she made it.

“There’s never been anything to prepare me for where I am today,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I’ve never had media training. I have never taken an acting class.” So, while she lists accomplishments like designing a line for DressBarn, posing for the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, fronting the new swimsuitsforall #MySwimBody campaign, hosting Good Morning America where she “blacked out” she says and walking in countless runway shows (like yesterday for the Christian Siriano x Lane Bryant kickoff in New York, below), she’s just gone with her gut the whole time.

Yet, she says it’s important to remember there’s more to the smile — and, sometimes, she still gets insecure. “I’m faking sometimes that I’m obsessed with that fat roll or that I’m loving the dimple in my butt, because I don’t always love it,” she says.

“There’s been so many times where I have felt heavy, I have felt fat or I felt like ‘Omigod, I could look so much better,” she says. But she talks herself out of it: “I’m like, ‘You know what sister? You look good. You look hot. You look sexy. And I’ve faked it ’til I made it and now I can grab onto certain things and be like you know what, I love you.”

Watch her full tip in the video above, and bookmark it in case you ever need a little pep talk straight from Ashley Graham.

Tell us: Have you ever felt like you faked it ’til you made it like Ashley Graham?

—Sharon Clott Kanter

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