94-Year-Old Grandmother Fulfills Dream of Wearing a Wedding Dress, After Not Being Allowed in Bridal Shop in 1952

Martha Tucker, 94, was not allowed in a bridal shop when she got married in 1952 due to segregation. Her grandkids made her dream come true

Martha Tucker
Photo: Erica Tucker/Facebook

An Alabama woman is getting a longtime wedding dream come true.

Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker married the love of her life nearly 70 years ago, but she never got to wear a wedding gown. Now, thanks to her family, she got to experience trying on and choosing the perfect dress seven decades later.

Earlier this month, the 94-year-old grandmother was watching the extravagant wedding scene in the movie, Coming to America, when her granddaughter, Angela Strozier, heard her whisper that she always wanted to try on a wedding gown, WVTM13 reports.

At the time of her own wedding — which took place in 1952 — she told the outlet that Black people were not allowed in bridal shops in the south, so she wore a blue mermaid-style dress someone loaned her. Her husband, Lehman, wore a yellow sports coat and white pants.

Upon hearing her grandmother's confession, Strozier and other family members made her grandmother an appointment at their local David's Bridal store and Tucker was able to say yes to the dress and pick out the perfect wedding gown.

"When I went into the bridal shop, that dress had my name on it," she recalled. "Oh, it was so beautiful...I was in heaven."

Tucker's family documented the special moment she tried on the dream wedding dress. Photos and videos from the fitting highlighted her white floral lace gown and matching veil.

"I'm getting married!" she said proudly in the clip.

Tucker later told ABC that she didn't want to take the dress off (she did not end up purchasing the design), but expressed how grateful she was for her grandkids' efforts.

"I looked in the mirror at myself wanting to know who that is," Tucker explained to the ABC. "Yeah, I was very excited! I felt great! I told ya, it felt just like I was getting married!"

Tucker has four children, 11 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. The publication said the family is now looking forward to throwing her a real wedding reception.

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