November 07, 2013 08:35 PM

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We want to talk about a lot of things that happened at Wednesday’s CMA Awards. Specifically, there’s Taylor Swift‘s version of red carpet camouflage and everything Brad Paisley said and, please, we beg you, don’t even get us started on Carrie Underwood‘s wardrobe changes again.

But we need to have an open, thoughtful conversation about Connie Britton’s hair because it’s perfect and beautiful, like a country ballad within itself. The Nashville star unleashed her wavy locks on the red carpet and as she played presenter, stealing the spotlight on a night we all know is really just about big hair.

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Her hair is amazing, ya’ll. Even more amazing than …

1. Ariel
Would Prince Eric have even cared about The Little Mermaid if Connie, say, grew a tail and started singing about thingamabobs, too?


2. Fabio Lanzoni
He can sell a lot of books with his flowing mane, but, like, Connie changes lives.

3. Jared Leto
Full disclosure: Running our hands through the actor-singer’s hair is still most definitely on our respective bucket lists, though. (And, it almost happened for one editor. See below.)

4. This cat
Solid attempt, but your name’s not Connie Britton and you are not purr-fect.

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5. Also, these alpacas
We should note that this one was a close call.


6. Justin Timberlake‘s ’90s hair
We say amazing because it looks like there’s a bowl of ramen noodles on JT’s head, and we really, really like ramen noodles.

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7. Barbie
Please don’t take offense, Childhood.

8. This girl at prom
We just can’t.


9. Kate Middleton
Okay, okay, we can hear you screaming. Real talk: We spend 95 percent of our day bowing down to the Duchess and her graceful ability to make us feel less okay with our own hair. But we still have to give this round to Connie. And, yes, we can still hear you screaming.

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–Alison Schwartz

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