'80s Pop Star Belinda Carlisle Signs on With NutriSystem

Courtesy NutriSystem

Following in the footsteps of weight-loss winner Marie Osmond, former Go-Gos front-woman Belinda Carlisle has been appointed the newest spokesperson for NutriSystem. “It’s pretty well known that I’ve struggled with my weight,” Belinda tells PEOPLE of her decision to start the weight-loss program a year ago. She went on to lose 20 pounds in the first four months, “And I kept it off,” she says. Although in the ’80s she may have been singing “Our Lips are Sealed,” she’s more than happy to discuss how the plan’s healthy-eating approach kept her hooked. “I’m not about deprivation at all,” she says. “When I moved to the south of France 10 years ago it taught me to celebrate food and not make it an enemy — people in my business usually do. When this came along it was really easy for me,” she says of the plan. Tell us: What do you think about NutriSystem’s choice of Belinda as the face of their upcoming print and television ads? — reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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