From his fashion favorites to Snapchat obsession, the singer spills his secrets

Right now, Nick Jonas is at the top of his game. His latest album, Last Year Was Complicated, dropped last week, he’s about to embark on a huge summer tour with Demi Lovato and he just announced a new collaboration with electronic brand, Altec Lansing.

Nick Jonas Altec Lansing

Josh Rothstein

The 23-year-old “Close” singer tells PeopleStyle he wanted to bring his fans a top quality and fashion-forward listening experience, which is why he partnered with Altec Lansing with this new line of headphones and speakers.

“As a musician one of the most important things is to make sure your music is heard the right way,” he says.

When Jonas isn’t busy producing music or starring in hit shows like Kingdom and Scream Queens, he wins over the hearts of women everywhere thanks to his clean, sexy look. “I love a classic, bold, yet simple style,” he tells us. So if you’re dying to win over the Jonas brother (remember, those rumored relationships with Lily Collins and Kate Hudson haven’t been confirmed), he shared some must-knows below.

His Wardrobe Staples

“All men should have a classic leather jacket. I’ve had a Margiela biker jacket for years that’s got a few miles on it. On top of that, I think it’s important to own a great black suit. When I travel I always make sure I bring a suit. You never know when you’re going to need it.”

His Favorite Snapchat Filter

“I’m always down for the filter that makes your face frown and the one that squashes your face. I have a few funny characters I like to pull out. I think I’m pretty funny. I don’t know if everyone thinks that of me yet, so I like to use Snapchat to show off my comedy chops.”

The Workout He Never Skips

“I love circuit training because you get that cardio and lift workout at the same time. Demi [Lovato] and I are going to do some mixed martial arts together when we’re on tour this summer. I do it for the show Kingdom I’m on and it’s really fun.”

His Tour Bus Necessities

“I need lots of water on the bus because I get dehydrated really quickly. A good bowl of cereal is key at the end of the night too. I like a Honey Nut Cheerios situation. I keep it simple with the classics. That’s kind of my M.O.”

The Hairstyle He Won’t Try

“I like the natural look, so I don’t see myself dying my hair platinum like so many guys have been doing now. The buzz is easy to manage. Maybe at some point I’ll grow my hair back out really curly like I used to have it. But it’s such a project. It adds about 20 minutes to the day, getting ready every morning.”

His Celeb Style Inspiration

“I always admired Elvis Costello’s style. He makes bold choices, like taking classic tailoring and turning it into a punk edge. I try to take that same classic approach with a bit of a twist.”

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What He’ll Never Wear Again

“I think everyone went through the Ed Hardy phase for a little while. Looking back on that, it was kind of a rough point for everyone.”

His Most Recent Style Splurge

“Last year after ‘Jealous’ went to number one, I bought myself a gold and silver Rolex with a black face. I pretty much wear it every day now.”

What’s one thing you would ask Nick on a date? Let us know below!

–Kaitlyn Frey