We chatted all things beauty with the singer!

By Sarah Kinonen
August 13, 2015 02:30 PM

She may have gotten her start singing on YouTube, but these days, Becky G is quickly becoming a household name: She’s a chart-topping singer-slash-rapper and the current face of CoverGirl and now, at 18, she’s teaming up with the brand to encourage young girls to follow their dreams — with some help from an empowering documentary, #GirlsCan, alongside journalist Soledad O’Brien.

Below, we got all the beauty scoop from the rising star.

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She still can’t believe she’s a CoverGirl
“I’m an easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl. It’s insane — it honestly blows my mind every time I say it, but it’s a dream come true. I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks, Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara and everybody saying easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl, and now I get to be a part of that really awesome list of powerful women who are standing for female empowerment and female beauty.”

She’s encouraging young girls to follow their dreams with CoverGirl’s latest campaign
“It’s so awesome that I get to share my story with my fans and with fans of CoverGirl who may not know who I am. [Achieving your dreams] is a process, and you may not get it right every single time, but you can do it. That’s the whole message behind [#GirlsCan] — you’re capable of doing anything as long as you’re willing to put the time and effort into it.”

She’s got a trick for perfecting her signature cat-eye flick
“It’s my signature, fans know that, for sure. I would say the most important [tip for doing a cat eye] is having a good eyeliner and finding one that works best for you. I use the [CoverGirl] Ink It! eyeliner which is a pen, and then there’s also a liquid eyeliner, [CoverGirl] Line Exact, I like to use. And the other thing is to always make sure your arms are stable on something, like if you could put your elbow down on the desk while you’re applying your eyeliner, it avoids a lot of the shakiness.”

She’s willing to try just about every beauty trend (Get that girl a contour kit, stat!)
“I don’t think there’s one beauty trend that I’m not willing to try. I’m actually one of those people [who] are always like, ‘Let me try, let me try! Let’s do this, let’s try this for the photo shoot. Let’s put my hair up in this crazy braid’ — or whatever it is.”

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The best beauty advice she’s ever received was from her mother
“Always have a smile. No matter what it is I go through in my life, I think you can see that I love what I do, and when I’m on stage, on the red carpet and when I’m doing interviews, I’m happy and it’s important to show that. I’ve learned that from my mom. My mom is such a strong woman, and she’s always smiling, no matter how crazy we’re driving her — she’s always rocking a smile. And I think that’s the most beautiful thing a girl can have.”

Makeup gives her an extra boost of confidence
“Makeup empowers me in many ways. It’s another one of my favorite ways of expressing myself. I’ve always loved playing with it, and not just doing it on myself, but putting it on my little sister and getting my cousins ready for a night out on the town — it’s just fun, I enjoy it and it makes me feel more confident. I’m already a confident person, and there’s definitely days where I don’t want to wear makeup, but when I do have it on and I go on stage, I feel extra, extra fierce.”

She can’t leave the house without a few swipes of mascara
“When I put mascara on, I could not have any other makeup on my face, but when I have mascara on I feel somewhat presentable. I can still go to the grocery store in sweats and feel cute, you know what I mean? [Mascara] makes your eyes pop — you can be a little tired, and it makes them like, ‘Woo!'”

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–Sarah Kinonen

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