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By Brittany Talarico
Updated January 13, 2015 06:03 PM

Girls Season 4 just kicked off and we still have a lot of questions: What’s going to happen between Adam and Hannah now that she moved away to school? Is Marnie going to continue her music career after the failed jazz brunch? How is Shosh coping with short hair? We’ll have to wait for the first two questions, but we do have some insight on the last one. Girls hairstylist and Scunci expert Sherry Heart is spilling some secrets from set that will make the wait between now and Sunday a little bit easier.

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Shosh’s hair looks will continue to be more mature
“This season, we see Shoshanna continuing to evolve from the quirky character she was in the first season into more of an adult. She’s realizing that college is going to come to an end someday and that she needs to think about getting a job; so, she’s trying to present herself in a more professional way. We don;t discuss that she cut her hair — she simply shows up looking more evolved. I think her style this season is a reflection of her attempt to present herself in a more mature light, and her hair is part of that.”

Wait, no more sock bun?
“Never say never to Shosh’s sock bun. With the changes these girls go through as they mature, you never know what could happen next with their hair. You will see lots of hair accessories this season on Shoshanna. I especially liked to use Scunci barettes to add ‘pop’ to her hairdos.”

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The boys also get their hair done
“We do Adam’s [Driver] hair in the trailer before he goes to set. He has a beautiful, thick head of black hair that we have to tame. We usually start by blowing it and then use a straightening iron on it in order to get it into ‘Adam mode.’ After we get Adam’s hair initially set in the trailer we do minimal touch-ups on set throughout the shooting day — and yes, we usually just run our fingers through it.”

Jessa’s hair is really fun to play with
“For me, Jemima’s [Kirke] hair is the most fun to do, because it’s long and thick. In addition, her character is so whimsical that I’ve had quite a bit of freedom to be creative with her hair.”

But really, does Jemima take some kind of magic hair pills?
“I think Jemima was blessed with more pores on her head than most people. She grows this beautiful, thick hair that just keeps on growing. It’s a strong head of hair and it doesn’t break off very easily. She also had two babies in the last few years, and I think that may be part of it. Your body produces extra nutrients that can affect hair growth in a big way. It’s either that or she is just blessed.”

Hannah will be brunette all season (no platinum cameos!)
“Lena is one of those girls who can dye her hair almost any color and carry it off with ease. She has a fun, playful sense of style and doesn’t stick to the rules about that sort of thing. I usually mix Hannah’s hair up — going both straight and curly. And she will be wearing some hair accessories.”

And here’s how to get Marnie’s perfect blowout
“The secret to any perfect blowout is a good blow dryer and a big round brush. Start by sectioning your hair and then blow each section one by one. Make sure you pull each section of hair away from your head as you blow it in order to get some lift. Finish it off with a little serum for smoothness. Marnie knows just how to do this.”

What did you think of the Season 4 premiere? Which Girl has your favorite look? As always, sound off below.

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–Brittany Talarico