6 Ways Reese Witherspoon Suggests Getting the Reese Witherspoon Look

Because who better to give advice on the actress and Draper James founder's style than the star herself?

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Always Be Overdressed

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At least, that’s a lesson that’s been passed down in her family for generations—and one she’s passing down, too. “My grandmother would always say it’s 10 a.m., it’s time to be dressed and ready for the day,” Witherspoon says. “I say this all the time to my kids, that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Not that you need to wear a ball gown, but if you’re pulled together, you’re definitely going to fit in with any crowd.”

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Keep Your Shorts Tailored


“Some women love to wear cutoff shorts and look really good in them, but I like a polished, tailored short,” says the 40-year-old. “I feel like I am too old to be wearing cutoffs at this point.”

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Add Height Whenever Possible


Why is she always in pretty pumps? “I am so short, it drives me crazy to not have a heel,” the 5’2” star admits. “And I don’t like the way I look in flat shoes!”

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Wear Flares with Care


“Keep the crop short and make sure you can see your ankle bones,” she says of pulling off the trendy shape. “And you have to wear them with a wedge or a heel.”

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Pick a Chic Topper


“A blazer or jacket is a nice way to dress up any outfit and make it office worthy,” she says. “It elevates jeans. Plus a good piece can last you a whole season.”

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Let Your Workout Clothes Motivate You to Get Moving

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A quirky tee and perfect-fitting tights help her get out the door to go workout. “I literally have to roll out of bed and immediately put on my workout clothes because that’s 50 percent of my motivation,” she says. (The other 50 percent is music, she insists.) “If you don’t ever put on your workout clothes, you don’t ever get out the door.” As for what she rolls into, that would be Sweaty Betty clothes and accessories and “yeah, a lot of funny T-shirts.”

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