September 26, 2014 02:30 PM

Remember how the pixie was the hairstyle of the spring? Well, that’s been replaced by the bob for fall. And in case you’re thinking about making the cut yourself, we rounded up six of our favorite star styles to have handy for the hairstylist.


Some of these stars, like Jennifer Lawrence (top left) and Julianne Hough (top right) are sporting the bob out of necessity: They had pixies from earlier this year that they’re in the process of growing out. Others, like Emma Stone (top center) and Britney Spears (bottom left) went for big, surprising chops within the past few weeks. And others, like Taylor Swift (bottom center) and Kate Mara (bottom left) have been sporting shorter strands for a while now, but have been tweaking the style by shearing off a few inches or playing with the texture.

Things all these cuts have in common: A lot of movement and body, thanks to layers, a pass with the curling wand or (in the case of Spears) a whole lotta hairspray. They’re also all a little asymmetrical to avoid that perfectly sleek Stepford Wife look. And they all look really fresh and youthful for fall.

What do you think: Is a bob in the cards for you? Are you into the style on these stars?

–Alex Apatoff

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