Never look bad in a photo again

By Alex Apatoff
Updated November 28, 2013 05:00 PM

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It’s Thanksgiving, and you know that that means. Okay, yes, you’re going to eat your body weight in pie and pass out in front of Friends reruns. That too. But what we’re referring to is the fact that there’s no way to hide from your Grandma and her camera. Don’t get caught looking less than fabulous in your family photos this year. We’ve got five easy tips anyone can pull off that will make the captured-on-camera memories fabulous instead of frightening.

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First step: Follow our bright-eye tricks here (and keep them handy just in case the wine is flowing freely at dinner tonight). Then hit “play” on the video above to see our advice on how to look your absolute best in pictures. (The Beyoncé arm isn’t one of them, but we recommend that too.) Then get your red lipstick, brow pencil and concealer out to complete your fabulous Thanksgiving look — no need to run when you see Granny coming at you with her iPhone.

What are your best “look great in photos” tips?