How Elle MacPherson still stuns at 50

Fact: Elle Macpherson is stunning. Fact: Elle Macpherson is 50 years old, and has two children — both under the age of 18. Fact: We do not have Elle Macpherson’s genes. However, at an event celebrating the launch of her supplement powder, The Super Elixir, on, the supermodel revealed a few of her beauty secrets. And since her nickname is “The Body,” we feel compelled to share her surprisingly easy steps.

Elle Macpherson

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1. She gets her ZZZs: When asked about her beauty regimen, Macpherson jokes, “God, it’s endless.” But the supermodel isn’t talking about having a 10-step, twice-daily routine. “It doesn’t matter how good I look, if I don’t feel good, it’s worthless to me,” she says, noting that she strives to get seven hours of sleep a night, then wakes up at 5:00 a.m. and takes 10 minutes to “reflect on the day. I think if I can be quite focused and open, I’m not gonna look stressed, I’m not gonna feel stressed.”

2. But then, it’s go time: “I have two espressos. My nutritionist tells me I’m not supposed to do that, but I do anyway! And I have some fruit.” After dropping off her son at school, a 90-minute round trip, she drinks her Super Elixir (two teaspoons mixed with cold coconut water). By 8:05 am, she’s at the beach. [Editor’s note: If you live in a warm climate near a beach, we fully support this step.]

3. Scheduling is key to everything, especially exercise: “I put aside between 8:15 and 9:15 and during that time, I can do any kind of body work I want. If I want to go for a run, I’ll do it then. If I want to schedule a yoga class, I’ll do it between that time. I think if you schedule it in, no reason not to do it, because there’s nothing else conflicting,” she says. As for her favorite workout? “I hike, I ski, I water-ski, I stared playing tennis. I started playing golf. I live opposite a golf course and what I’ve been told is that when you really want to be good at golf is when you’re 60 and I thought to myself, ‘I better start now so that by the time I’m 60 and wanting to play golf, I’m good at it!'”

4. Digest this: She drinks three liters of water a day. That’s nearly 102 ounces, or 12 cups — four more than the average model. “I have a filter and I have dark glass bottles and we have our names on them throughout the house. Everybody has two bottles beside their bed. That’s how we do it.”

5. Her moisturizing must-have is from her native Australia: “There’s this PaPaw cream, Lucas PaPaw, it’s so amazing,” she says, revealing, “I scrub, I’m a scrubber. I exfoliate, and moisturize, both hydrate from the inside and the outside. That’s really important for me.”

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Which tips do you follow? Have you tried her Super Elixir? Let us know in the comments below!

–Jackie Fields