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Allison Williams plays a high-strung twenty-something on the hit TV show Girls, trying to carve out her career path while balancing the ups and downs of adulthood. And while the actress has it all figured out off-screen, she may have a few things in common with her polarizing character, Marnie Michaels, including her wardrobe! Below, five times Allison pulled a Marnie IRL.

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1. They have the same wardrobe.

During a late-night shoot, the 28-year-old star snapped a photo of Marnie’s look for the day, which was very similar to the star’s own outfit she showed up to set in.

Allison donned a striped Oxford shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of red Keds, while her character’s look was literally a mirror image.

“The GIRLS Singularity — noun — 1. A hypothetical moment in time when Marnie has become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change. 2. Twinning to the point of becoming indistinguishable from one’s fictional GIRLS character. #Matchcidental #MarnieForever ❤️,” Williams wrote on Instagram.

2. They both recently got married.

Last September Williams tied the knot to College Humor co-founder Ricky Van Veen in Saratoga, Wyoming, wearing an elegant long-sleeve Oscar de la Renta couture dress.

The tulle base, satin silk ballgown silhouette featured a sheer, high neckline and sleeves as well as pastel degradé hand embroidered thread work and 3D organza flowers. She accessorized the gorgeous design with a floor-length veil and custom Brian Atwood heels.


And in the beginning of season 5, Marnie married Desi in an equally elegant bohemian-inspired dress, which Williams helped select!

“I’ve been playing her for five years so when I went to go fit for the wedding dress I was looking at all the options and I just said, that’s just Marnie’s dress,” she previously told PeopleStyle. “It just is. And it’s her dressed based on who she’s marrying and who she wants to be. So it was very obvious to me when I saw it. I knew it when I saw it.”

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3. They both love Keds.

Earlier this year, the star was tapped to take on the role as creative director of Keds Collective, where she got to design her own pair of colorful sneakers. And based on the wardrobe (shown in the first photo above), Marnie’s style includes her own pair of red Keds.

“Keds is a brand that I’ve always loved, and it was one of those situations where the more I learned about them and the more I work with them the more I love it because they’re doing a lot that’s not immediately obvious for girls all over the world,” she previously told PeopleStyle. “I like everything they stand for and I’ve loved every moment working with them.”

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4. They both have great hair.

No explanation needed.

5. They both prefer a more pared-down beauty routine.

Williams loves sharing her fresh-faced looks via makeup-free selfies on Instagram (see here, here and here for examples!), and aside from the wedding makeup look (you know the one), Marnie’s beauty routine is fairly similar.

Okay, so while Williams isn’t actually a real-life version of her on-screen character (she’s much too sweet to be a Marnie), there are definitely similarities!

What do you think of the similarities between the two? Do you think Williams is like her character? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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