Where will YOU wear your onesie?

By Alex Apatoff
Updated March 04, 2015 01:04 PM

Aaron M. Sprecher/AP

Remember Left Shark? That two-day cultural phenomenon that everyone has forgotten about (except for this guy)? Well, good news for people with $130 to spend, a lot of closet space and a weird sense of humor: Katy Perry is prepared to sell you the onesie version of the ensemble. (Presumably, dance moves — or lack thereof — are not included.)

So you’ve decided you don’t want to spend $130 on, say, alcohol, or shoes, or travel, but this onesie instead. Good decision-making! Your next big dilemma will be: Where to wear it? We have some suggestions.

•To the wedding of that cousin you hate (be sure to sit on the aisle so you’re in every photograph).

•College graduation: It will be much easier for your parents to spot you (though whether they’ll be yelling “That’s my kid!” is a decision they’ll have to make.)

•Anywhere you could use a little extra room, like a concert or packed sporting event, as people will give the gal in a Left Shark Onesie a wide berth.

•Swimming ominously near a crowded beach. Hilarious!

•Alone on your couch with a big bowl of Tostitos Scoops, silently weeping as you watch your DVRed Super Bowl halftime show again and again.

So, will you be investing in one? Where will you wear yours? We can’t wait to hear!

–Alex Apatoff