To celebrate Princess Kate's birthday, let's look back at four magical hairstyles that remind us of Disney princesses!

Today, Princess Kate is turning 33! To celebrate, we’d like to revisit four magical hairstyles that made the royal birthday girl look like our other favorite princesses.


James Whatling/Splash News Online; Walt Disney Pic

For starters, Belle! Maybe she was watching Beauty and The Beast with little Prince George while she got dressed that morning? Aside from sporting a chic yellow dress during her trip to Australia this past spring, she coifed her tresses into a voluminous half-up style that revealed dainty round earrings. Mrs. Pott’s would certainly give this a thumbs (or spout?) up.

Disney Hair Tangled


While we’d never ever accuse the Princess’s glorious mane of being Tangled, we can’t ignore that her pearl-embellished braid-chignon worn while visiting Asia in fall 2012 reminds us so much of Rapunzel’s extra long locks woven into an epic braid and garnished with flowers.

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Disney Hair Poca

Indigo/Getty; Buena Vista Pictures/Everett

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? Kate can. Well, she can definitely look gorgeous and Pocahontas-esque while her hair gets tousled by the wind (on a breezy London day in 2012). That’s like the same thing, right?

Disney Hair mermaid

Indigo/Getty; Walt Disney Pictures/courtesy Everett

Two lessons to take away from this look: 1) Both a feathered fascinator (like she’s sporting in this throwback photo from 2008) or a tropical flower (as worn by Ariel here, hanging around Atlantica in the early ’90s) add lots of charm to a bouncy blowout. 2) The seaweed is always greener on somebody else’s plate.

Which Disney princess should the b-day gal be inspired by next? Have you ever tried to re-create a real life version of a cartoon style? Did you secretly have a crush on Aladdin too? Tell us all about it below.

–Loni Venti