The star manages to keep us guessing

There are a few things we know as sure as we know the earth is round. Kim Kardashian is proud of her abs. Chris Hemsworth is the sexiest man alive. And if Jennifer Aniston isn’t wearing her hair down and side-parted, she’s wearing it in a ponytail.

She wore it in just such a style at last night’s Hollywood premiere of Horrible Bosses 2, but wait! Her stylist Chris McMillan proved we can still be surprised when it comes to her hair. Read on for three surprising facts about the star’s look last night.

Jennifer Aniston hair

Splash News Online; Vince Flores/Startraks

1. Her Bangs Serve Two Purposes. Sure, they look cute, but McMillan tells PEOPLE, they’re really all about the photo op. “She likes to use her hair as a prop, so she’ll be able to look over and use her fingers to push the hair out of her eyes,” he shares. “Jennifer Aniston is a pro at having hair in her face and wrangling it out of her face, and making it look effortless and sexy.” (His secret to touchable texture? A little Living Proof Instant Texture Mist — she’s a co-owner of the brand and he’s the celeb stylist.)

2. She Finds Hair Inspiration at the Drugstore. McMillan has been doing her hair for years, but she still manages to surprise him occasionally — as she did by suggesting the finishing touch for last night’s pony. “At Rite-Aid they have these ponytail holders that are two-thirds hair and the other part is the rubber band,” he says. “Jennifer sent me a picture and was like, ‘Look at these things, they’re kind of cool, huh?’ So I bought them and I used one of them in her hair [last night]!”

His go-to strategy usually involves a bungee elastic (“it keeps all the nape hair from buckling and becoming saggy”) topped with the star’s own hair, but he had to admit Aniston’s solution worked. “I always see them but say I’m never going to use them, but then I used it and I was like, ‘It’s working. I’m leaving it,'” he says.

3. Her next hairdo is a purple pixie. Okay, okay, he was joking, but McMillan swears he is convincing the star to mix up her look a bit. “It’s still within her range, but we’ve been switching things up. She’s not showing up with the same hairdo,” he tells PEOPLE. “We’ve been talking long, piece-y Alexa Chung-type bangs! I might get her in a weak moment. She’ll kill me, but it’s OK!”

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–Alex Apatoff, with reporting by Jackie Fields