Jason Sudeikis Wears Eazy-E Socks with His Velvet Tom Ford Suit at the 2021 Emmy Awards

The actor, who is nominated for his role in Ted Lasso, skipped his go-to red carpet hoodie in favor of a fashion-forward tux

Jason Sudeikis just broke his streak of wearing graphic sweatshirts to major award shows, but he did walk the 2021 Emmys red carpet with a different trick up his sleeve (well, pant leg).

"I'm wearing Eazy-E Stance socks. Kind of my way of ... keeping this all in perspective," the Ted Lasso nominee told Karamo Brown during E!'s red carpet coverage.

Sudeikis — who looked dapper in a teal velvet Tom Ford suit — pulled up his pant leg to reveal the unexpected accessory, emblazoned with an image of the late N.W.A. rapper and the word "Compton."

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Sudeikis has become something of a trendsetter in recent months, thanks to his buzzed-about mustache from Ted Lasso. But he was unwilling to take credit for a mustache resurgence, instead jokingly suggesting that fans who want to imitate the look should "go back, look at the greats. Look at your Burt Reynolds, look at your Tom Sellecks, look at Cesar Romero — The Joker."

He did say he understood the appeal, though. "That mustache is the mustache my father had growing up all through the '80s. I remember the day he shaved it and it was just like, 'Who is this man?'" he said. "That mustache equals a certain level of gravitas. I welcome [the trend] being back. I don't know if many people's romantic partners will feel the same."

Speaking to PEOPLE (the TV show) New York correspondent Jeremy Parsons and PEOPLE Every Day podcast host Janine Rubenstein on the red carpet, Sudeikis said, "It's always good to see people all decked out to the nines."

"All of our writers from season one are here too," he added. "To see us all out of hoodies, it's been a mindblower!"

Earlier this year, the star went viral for accepting a Golden Globe award in a surprising casual rainbow tie-dye sweatshirt promoting his sister's dance and movement wellness studio, Forward_Space. Seemingly in on the joke, Sudeikis donned another hoodie at the Critics' Choice Awards one week later, this time representing Crockett High, the fictional school portrayed in his ex Olivia Wilde's directorial debut, Booksmart.

The Saturday Night Live alum continued the trend when he accepted the Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by a male actor in a comedy series for Ted Lasso in his best one yet: a navy blue Gucci wool sweater embossed with the feminist mantra "MY BODY MY CHOICE" in capital letters.

Jason Sudeikis

During PEOPLE, EW & TNT's SAG Awards Pre-Show, the Ted Lasso star admitted his recent fashion choices were "100% intentional" and he wasn't at all surprised by the reaction.

"I 100% knew that was going to be a whole to-do. That's me. I'm a rabble-rouser," he told hosts Jeremy Parsons and Janine Rubenstein ahead of the Screen Actors Guild Awards Awards. In another interview, he added, "The big decision was do I wear the hood up or hood down."

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