July 11, 2017 05:45 PM

Two weeks ago, makeup fanatics everywhere got a major surprise when Kim Kardashian West posted behind-the-scenes Snapchats of herself filming a “Get Ready With Me” makeup tutorial with YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. Fans of both makeup moguls headed to Twitter to ask the duo questions they wanted to see answered in the video, and since then, waited with anticipation to see the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star’s first real beauty vlogger moment.

Well, the day has finally come. Hill just posted the collaboration video with Kardashian on her channel Tuesday. And you’ll be surprised to hear all of the makeup confessions the 36-year-old star shared. Check out everything Kardashian spilled about makeup, motherhood and more in the video.

1. The first YouTube makeup tutorial Kim ever watched was Jaclyn’s review of her Kylie Cosmetics collaboration (just two months ago!)

“The first time I watched anyone’s tutorial or anyone’s review was my collab with Kylie, the lip kit. It is so fun getting to know this whole world.”

Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

2. Kim didn’t like to use primer…until Jaclyn introduced her to it. 

“I don’t really use primer. I thought a primer would feel a bit more like, have collagen or something in it so it would leave a film.”

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3. She fell in love with makeup by playing with her mom’s as a kid.

“I remember always playing in my mom’s makeup. Kourtney and I, when we discovered concealer we just had concealer all over our faced. We looked so crazy. We were really little.”

Kim Kardashian West

4. She likes to use old school makeup, even though her pro Mario Dedivanovic probably wouldn’t approve. 

“Mario would die if he saw the products that I have. They are so old school that he would literally, he can’t believe that I use [them].”

5. She made her contour kits so her fans would know contouring isn’t scary. 

“It’s so intimidating and it doesn’t have to be. I just want to show people that I am not the best makeup artist but it is fun for me and I can figure it out and I’ve learned from the best of people doing makeup. So I just hope that it is a brand people find is really user-friendly, really easy and everyone can do their makeup and feel good about themselves.”

Courtesy KKW Beauty

6. She has one major makeup regret. 

“I think I am just embarrassed that I would wear turquoise eye shadow with turquoise clothes. Like mix it all and match.”

7. Being a mom influenced Kim’s more natural makeup vibes.

“I think it’s a combination of being a mom and not having as much time cause I don’t have the time to sit in the makeup chair for two, two and a half hours. I really feel like I changed my style. But now I think I am slowly getting back to wanting to do [more]. Bump it up a little bit.”

8. She has super long lashes, and doesn’t even use falsies or extensions.

“I think it’s like an Armenian thing. If only my hair would grow like that!”

David Becker/Getty

9. Kim’s fascinated by YouTube beauty influencers. 

“I am fascinated by how you [Hill] created this whole career for yourself jut off of YouTube and everyone connecting with you and they’re connecting with you for a reason.”

10. Her daughter North West is a makeup artist in the making. 

“North is like her [Kylie Jenner‘s] biggest supporter? She loves lips. I will wake up and Junebug, the purple color, North will be covered in Junebug. She loves makeup. She is always like, ‘Mommy, can you do my makeup?'”

11. She never forgets to apply a lip liner. 

“I always have to line my lips and my upper lip, mainly. Cause then [if not], it just disappears.”

12. She took away some makeup tips from filming alongside Jaclyn.

“This taught me to go home, get new brushes and to step it up. And to get new foundation.”

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13. Despite publishing her own book of selfies, Kim still doesn’t know what her “good” angle is.

“Is this your good angle?” Jaclyn asked her as they took a selfie on their finished looks. “Isn’t it weird that I don’t know what my good angle is?” Kim replied.

How do you think Kim did in her first YouTube makeup tutorial with Jaclyn? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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