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August 14, 2016 02:30 PM

Yulia Efimova is speaking out again about American swimmer Lilly King, who delivered a finger-wag diss at Efimova following last Sunday’s 100-meter breastroke heats.

“It was war… It was like a nightmare,” Efimova, 24, told USA Today. “This completion [of the program] is a relief because I love racing, but this was more like a war. It was awful.”

King, 19, gave Efimova a finger wave to show her frustration that Efimova – who failed a doping test earlier this year – was allowed to compete in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.

“She is young, but she should understand more,” Efimova continued. “She never talked with me. She said many things in the press conference, but nothing at all to me.”

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During a press conference, King said that she was “happy for the USA to know I am competing clean and doing what is right. There was a lot of pressure obviously, just going in there. Pressure on me because I was saying what I believe is right. I felt I had to perform better than I did in the past.”

Efimova went on to say that perhaps King acted out the way she did because of her age.

“[King] is young,” she told the paper. “She doesn’t know sometimes how life is going on. I hope that she changes, changes her mind and everything.”

King went on to beat Efimova and win the gold in the 100-meter breaststroke finals.

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