Many were left confused when the fan threw his glove onto the field after catching a home run during Game 2 between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Dodgers
World Series catch
Credit: Fox Sports

A fan at Game 2 of the World Series on Tuesday left everyone perplexed when he threw his glove onto the field after catching a home run ball.

As seen in a video shared on Twitter by Fox Sports, the anonymous male fan was sitting in the fifth row at Globe Life Field in Texas when Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith hit a home run during the sixth inning right into the stands.

The man, with a glove in his left hand, leaned back in his seat and caught the ball, earning cheers from fans sitting nearby him as he celebrated himself.

But for no apparent reason, the fan then threw his glove right onto the field, landing near Tampa Bay Rays left fielder Randy Arozarena, who kindly tossed the glove back to its rightful owner.

Fox Sports' Joe Buck delivered a hilarious narration of the incident, referring to it as a "a moment of sheer ecstasy" for the fan.

"What?" a perplexed Buck said as the fan suddenly threw the glove.

"Arozaranea I'm sure is as confused as the rest of the world," Buck continued. "He caught the ball, throws his glove onto the field in a moment of sheer ecstasy and then gets it back, I guess. Or he brought two."

According to Sports Illustrated, Globe Life Field, located in Arlington, has been the only MLB stadium to allow fans in attendance amid the coronavirus pandemic, albeit in a limited capacity.

World Series catch
World Series fan
| Credit: Fox Sports

The Rays beat the Dodgers 6-4 in Game 2, evening out the World Series 1-1. Game 3 of the best-of-seven championship series is on Friday at 8 p.m. EST.

The two teams have never faced off in a World Series before and have a limited history of playing against one another. Over the years, the franchises have only gone head-to-head 17 times, with the Dodgers winning 10 of those games.