June 07, 2018 02:09 PM

A Massachusetts woman has sued the Boston Red Sox and team owner John Henry for negligence after being hit by a foul ball in 2014.

While watching the Red Sox play against the Minnesota Twins in Fenway Park in 2014, Stephanie Taubin claims she suffered “facial fractures” and “neurological damage” after being hit by a foul ball, according to video footage from ABC News of her testimony at Suffolk County Superior Court on Monday .

During the game, Taubin was sitting in a section of luxury boxes above home plate, where the layer of protective glass separating the fans from the field had been removed in 2005, according to WCVB.

After the ball struck her on the left side of her face, Taubin claimed she “felt the bones in my face crack and felt an enormous amount of pain,” the outlet reported.

While testifying before jurors on Wednesday, Taubin acknowledged that she had been aware of warning signs posted around Fenway Park regarding foul balls, reported CBS Boston. Taubin also told jurors she did not lose any wages as a result of her injury.

Taubin, who filed the lawsuit in 2015, also testified in court that she is still suffering as a result of her injuries, despite having three surgeries, according to WHDH.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Boston Red Sox spokesperson Zineb Curran says, “The Red Sox, including Principal Owner John Henry, have always viewed fan safety as a fundamental priority at Fenway Park. Since 2002, the club has taken the appropriate measures pertaining to the safety and security of our fans, designed to ensure the game experience at Fenway Park is one that is both safe and enjoyable. While this matter remains actively in trial before a jury, we are not at liberty to comment further.”

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While testifying in court on Friday, Henry acknowledged the glass shield in that particular section of the stadium had been removed, according to WCVB. He also testified that the removed glass made that section more dangerous.

In the nine years that the glass partition was not up, according to Red Sox records, as many as 51 people sitting in the boxes above home plate were hit by balls, requiring medical attention, the outlet reported.

The glass has since been replaced.

The next scheduled court date is on Friday, according to court records.

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