Griner filed for an annulment just a month after the two tied the knot
Credit: Courtesy Glory Johnson

Brittney Griner has admitted that she probably shouldn’t have tied the knot with Glory Johnson.

The WNBA player moved to annul her month-long marriage to fellow player Johnson on Friday, just a day after Johnson announced that she was pregnant.

“Prior to us getting married, I knew I didn’t want to,” Griner sobbed in an interview with ESPN.

“I shouldn’t have went through with it,” she continued. “You know, sometimes you feel pressured into things, and I went along with it. And I know I shouldn’t have. It was a huge mistake. I just knew it was a mistake.”

Just a couple weeks before their wedding, the pair were arrested after they got into an argument at their recently purchased home in Goodyear, Arizona.

“We couldn’t get them pulled apart,” Johnson’s sister Judy said, according to a police report. She also told police the pair – who were featured on Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta in January – had recently been having verbal arguments on a daily basis.

Now, Griner is looking forward to returning to the court. Following their arrests, both women were suspended from playing for the first seven games of the season.