See the Cutest Throwback Photos of Winter Olympians as Kids

Is there anything better than kids in snowpants? Maybe knowing those kids grew up to be winter sports superstars

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Mariah Bell & Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen/Instagram
Nathan Chen/Instagram

How it started: More than a decade ago, with pals Mariah Bell and Nathan Chen posing for a pic in the stands at a U.S. figure skating event.

How it's going: Both are skating for the U.S.A. in the Beijing Olympics, and Chen's bringing home a gold medal. (Bell's event takes place Feb. 15.)

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Shaun White

Shaun White/Instagram
Shaun White/Instagram

The legendary snowboarder, who expects that this will be his last Olympics, reflected on his groundbreaking career in the sport with a cute throwback pic of him atop a podium. "I'm 35 years old and I've spent 29 of them on a board, 23 of them as a professional!" he wrote on Twitter. "As a kid, the Olympics didn't even have snowboarding ... I'm so proud that I helped grow and shape the sport into what it is today."

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Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight/ nstagram
Hilary Knight/Instagram

The women's hockey legend shared a glimpse back at her childhood team gear.

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Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson/Instagram
Erin Jackson/Instagram

The speedskater honed her skills as an in-line racer, and shared a look back at her high medal count from a 2004 nationals event.

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Mikaela Shiffrin

Mikaela Shiffrin/Instagram
Mikaela Shiffrin/Instagram

Before she was one of the greatest skiiers in the world, she was just a little kid in snow pants.

"Looking back on my career to this point, I feel like a million different stars aligned to help me get to where I am," she wrote in a post supporting the Share Winter foundation.

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Ashley Cain-Gribble

Ashley Cain-Gribble
Ashley Cain-Gribble/Instagram

From "those early skating days" to competing in pairs at the 2022 Olympics, the star has twirled her way to success.

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Abby Roque

Abby Roque/Instagram
Abby Roque/Instagram

The hockey star's cute throwback photo is total #goals. (Get it?)

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Jason Brown

Jason Brown Instagram
Jason Brown/Instagram

The figure skater, who is well known for his artistry on the ice, wrote a letter to his (adorable) younger self for PEOPLE.

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Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson/Instagram
Jamie Anderson/Instagram

The snowboarding champ was still rocking braces when she became an X Games gold medalist well on her way to Olympic stardom.

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Emily Sweeney

Emily Sweeney Instagram
Emily Sweeney/Instagram

All luge athletes start somewhere — and Emily recalls this was her first time at the top of the track.

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Jessie Diggins

Jesse Diggins/Instagram
Jesse Diggins/Instagram

Even back in her days competing in "maroon flannel pants," it was clear that she was destined to be a cross-country champ (who nabbed the U.S.'s first-ever individual medal in the sport, a bronze, this year).

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Matty Beniers

Matty Beniers
Matty Beniers/Instagram

Racking up trophies from the time he was little — and proving he was born to wear a hockey jersey (second photo).

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Ryan Cochran-Siegle

Ryan Cochran-Siegle Instagram
Ryan Cochran-Siegle/Instagram

"I miss doing fun things like sledding and getting away with peeing myself," the skiier confessed in this #TBT shot. (We think winning a silver in his event nearly 50 years after his mom won gold in hers is pretty fun!)

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Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen Instagram
Nathan Chen/Instagram

After winning gold, Chen posted this sweet shot with his parents (and an earlier medal), saying he "couldn't have done this without my family."

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Red Gerard

Red Gerard/Instagram
Red Gerard/Instagram

By the time this photo was taken, he had already been snowboarding for several years — which led to his Olympic debut and gold medal in PyeongChang at 17. (He competed this year in Slopestyle.)

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Chris Mazdzer

chris mazdzer

"When I cut out the timing, pressure and expectations of sport and can just focus on what I love to do it's the feeling of being a kid again," the luge star wrote ahead of his race. "I feel like that kid again."

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