February 13, 2018 10:21 PM

Japanese snowboarder Yuto Totsuka had a scary crash during the 2018 Winter Olympics men’s halfpipe snowboarding final on Tuesday, resulting in paramedics bringing the 16-year-old off the course on a stretcher.

The TV commentators described Totsuka’s fall as one of the worst they’ve ever seen. Olympics fans across the Internet quickly shared similar sentiments, with well-wishers offering the Totsuka sympathy and hopes for a speedy recovery.

“Scary scene at the halfpipe. Medics tending to Japan’s Yuto Totsuka, who bounded off the lip and fell all the way down the pipe face-first. He was moving, but getting dragged off on a stretcher,” the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore wrote on Twitter. A reporter for the New York Times said the crowd was “stunned in silence.”

“Really hope the kid is okay. he’s just 16 years old and that was one of the worst crashes i’ve ever seen. really hope for the best for the kid,” a Twitter user named Cameron Brady wrote in response to Totsuka’s crash.

Totsuka was taken to the hospital for CAT scans to examine what officials described as a hip injury.

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Update: An Olympic official told reporters at a press conference that Yuto Totsuka is “conscious” and “fine,” adding that he did not experience a “big injury,” though he is feeling pain in his hip.

With reporting from Sean Gregory in Bongpyeong.

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