February 13, 2018 09:52 PM

Married pair figure skaters Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim will be taking to the ice in PyeongChang on Valentine’s Day—and it couldn’t be more fitting.

The couple—who have been skating together since 2012 and married in 2016—captured the attention of the nation with their performance on Friday at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, which saw them end their moving program with a smooch on the lips that lit the internet on fire. Their skate helped lead the U.S. figure skating team to a bronze medal.

“When we kissed, in the back of my mind I was like: We’re on Olympic ice. It’s still such a big deal, we’re still like kids taking it in,” Alexa, 26, told PEOPLE after the routine. She added that once she heard the audience’s positive reaction to their kiss, she turned to her sweetheart and said, “Chris do one more!”

On Monday, the couple continued their affection when Alexa posted a picture to social media showing her and Chris sharing a kiss while on the ice, with an Olympic mascot doll in Chris’s hand.

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Alexa captioned it, simply, “My person,” with a heart emoji tacked on at the end.

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On Tuesday (which is Wednesday morning in Korea, which is 14 hours ahead), Chris posted a Valentine’s picture to his Instagram account, alluding to a surprise for Alexa.

“Valentine’s Day short program coming up soon!” Chris, 30, wrote. “Love you @alexa_knierim and hope you like my kiss and cry surprise!”

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Dozens of commenters left messages wishing the couple good luck in their upcoming program — and many mentioned how (obviously) adorable they are together.

The pair recently won their second national pair title before heading to the Winter Games, and their bond is unmistakable on the ice and off. This is only magnified when taking into consideration their struggles during the last few years.

Alexa was diagnosed with a rare gastrointestinal illness in 2016 and saw her weight drop to just over 80 pounds. She underwent two surgeries, which helped with her symptoms, but the couple was months behind their training schedule. Still, they made it to the sport’s biggest stage, and their social media posts show they are soaking it all in after the hard work it took to get there.

On Wednesday, the couple will once again be able to show off their love and talents on the world stage.

“Coming here, you know, this is the cherry on top,” Chris told PEOPLE after Friday’s program. “We’ve had a tough couple of years and this is just something really special.”

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