They may not have working toilets, but Sochi's got social media on lock

By Cara Lynn Shultz
Updated February 07, 2014 11:00 AM
Lucas Jackson/Reuters/Landov; Jared Wickerham/Getty

For most of us, our best chance at any kind of medal is making it past 10 pipes in Flappy Bird.

That’s why, after we throw our phones against the wall because of Flappy Bird, we’ll turn to Twitter to follow these athletes and journalists and live vicariously through their journey at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia!

Okay, so Russia might not be quite ready (members of the media arriving in Sochi are sharing pics online of their rooms in a less-than-habitable state). Still, athletes and journalists are descending on the seaside host city – and they’re sharing their experiences online. Check out some of our favorites to follow.

Shaun White, U.S. Snowboarding
Obviously, any list of winter Olympians needs to include snowboarder Shaun White. In addition to sharing his soundtrack for Sochi, he’s also giving his unique perspective on adjusting to life in Russia.

Torin Yater-Wallace, U.S. Skiing
Meanwhile, Yater-Wallace is getting his swerve on off the snow, using his Twitter to hit up Emma Watson.

Lolo Jones, U.S. Bobsled
The track and field star has grabbed her parka and headed to the Winter Olympics, joining the bobsled team. Plus, Jones is kind of fabulous on Vine.

Tobias Arwidson, Swedish Biathlete
It’s not always in English, but Arwidson is a must-follow – simply because he appreciates potty humor. Literal potty humor.

Belle Brockhoff, Australian Snowboarding
If you Tweet her, she Tweets you back with lovely Australianisms. And Brockhoff, who is gay, is often put at the center of any coverage of Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Ann Swisshelm, U.S. Curling
Team U.S.A.’s oldest member is worth following, simply for her adorable Twitter name: curlannie.

Askel Lund Svindal, Norwegian Skiing
He’s carrying the flag for Norway at the Olympics – and his Twitter bio is pretty fun. Plus, he Tweets out Instagram pics like this one.

Gracie Gold, U.S. Figure Skating
There’s just something about figure skiing that makes Gracie Gold so riveting. Maybe it’s the pageantry. Maybe it’s the drama. Then again, maybe it’s because Gold posts pictures of cake.

Johnny Weir, U.S. Figure Skater-turned-Analyst
But let’s face it. If you’re following any figure skater, it better be Johnny Weir. Not only is Weir a former Olympian, but he’s also fluent in Russian and will be invaluable for commentary. And Weir’s snark and showmanship is always entertaining.

Nancy Armour, Journalist for USA Today
She’s renamed figure skater Evgeni Plushenko “Plushy” on Twitter – and offers wry play-by-play on the events.

Stacy St. Clair, Journalist for Chicago Tribune
Her Tweets about Russian shenanigans are the best.

Sports Illustrated Journalists
The magazine has sent a staff to cover Sochi – so make sure you’re click “Follow” on: @BrianCaz, @richarddeitsch, @MichaelFarber3, @SI_sarahkwak, @sitimlayden @si_austinmurphy, @Rosenberg_Mike and @alexander_wolff.

Noureen DeWulf, PEOPLE blogger
The actress will be blogging about her trip to Sochi for PEOPLE – so make sure to give her a follow!