Source: New Orleans Saints Instagram
May 06, 2016 12:45 AM

After a trying month, Racquel Smith, 33, enjoyed a heartwarming moment on Thursday night.

In one of her first public appearances since losing her husband, the widow of former NFL star Will Smith, 34 – who was shot and killed in April following a car accident in New Orleans – accepted an MBA from the University of Miami on the football player’s behalf.

“Will Smith’s widow, Racquel, accepted his graduate degree posthumously during University of Miami’s commencement ceremony today,” the New Orleans Saints, who Smith played for, captioned a photo on Instagram.

In the photo, Racquel smiles, holding up Smith’s degree, as she sits in a wheelchair after having suffered a gunshot wound to each leg in the incident that killed her husband.

According to ESPN, Smith – a father of three – was on the track to graduation from the school’s very first MBA program for artists and athletes, and had plans to pursue a coaching internship with the Saints before he was killed.

“[Racquel] was extremely proud of Will,” a publicist for the family told the Associated Press.

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