Who Is Nick Sirianni's Wife? All About Brett Ashley Cantwell

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has been married to Brett Ashley Cantwell since 2013

Nick Sirriani and Brett Ashley Cantwell family with Santa
Photo: Nick Sirriani/Indianapolis Colts

Nick Sirianni and Brett Ashley Cantwell's love story started in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach met his future wife while he was working for the Kansas City Chiefs. Over a decade after the NFL coach met the Missouri native, the teams faced off in the Super Bowl on Feb. 12, 2023, at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona. Although, the Chiefs ultimately defeated the Eagles 38-35.

The couple married in June 2013, and have relocated to multiple cities for Sirianni's NFL career, but Kansas City will always be a "special place" for them. Together, they share three children: sons Jacob and Miles and daughter Taylor.

"Obviously, meeting my wife there, that will always be a special place to us because of that," Sirianni told The Athletic in 2023. "Then professionally, my first stint in the NFL. Obviously, it was really important both ways. Kansas City is a great town. … When you have something as significant as meeting your wife there in that city, that place, that time frame, that city is always going to carry a special place in my heart because of that."

Here's what to know about Nick Sirianni's wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell.

She is a former teacher

Nick Sirriani and Brett Ashley Cantwell
Nick Sirriani/Indianapolis Colts

Cantwell grew up in Springfield, Missouri, and was working as a teacher when she met her future husband. In the 2023 Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles are playing the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that Sirianni used to work for and was his wife's hometown team.

" 'When you first met me, you used the Chiefs card,' " she likes to say to her husband, according to an interview the Eagles coach gave to The Athletic.

" 'Hey, it worked!' " Sirianni responded. "Whatever I needed to do to get my wife."

She met Sirianni in their apartment complex

Cantwell and Sirianni met in Kansas City while living in the same apartment complex. At the time, he was working for the Chiefs.

"I didn't remember him, but he remembered me," she told Colts.com in 2019, adding that they ran into each other a few times. "He was like, 'I work with the Chiefs.' I didn't care at all."

But it wasn't until Cantwell's sister convinced her to go out with Sirianni that he won her over. The couple dated for two years before getting engaged.

She is a mother of three

Nick Sirianni

Together, the couple share three children, sons Miles and Jacob, and daughter Taylor. Though Cantwell tends to stay out of the spotlight, the kids have joined their dad for press conferences after Eagles games.

After the Eagles' NFC Championship victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Jan. 29, 2023, the team's head coach was joined by his three kids for a press conference. Things went smoothly for the first few minutes before daughter Taylor began getting antsy. She mimicked her dad's facial expressions and hand gestures, talking into the camera.

Her antics caught the attention of her younger brother, who was seated on her dad's lap and began to make faces at him. Sirianni got distracted before having to jump into dad mode and address their behavior.

"You guys need to stop," he said sternly. "Taylor, stop it."

The 5-year-old listened to her dad until the presser was just about over, stealing the show once again. Her adorable antics quickly went viral on social media.

She's moved to multiple cities for Sirianni's career

Nick Sirriani and Brett Ashley Cantwell
Nick Sirriani/Indianapolis Colts

Sirianni's professional career began in Kansas City, with a few moves in between before landing in Philadelphia. The couple tied the knot on June 22, 2013, in Missouri after Cantwell wrapped up her last school year teaching in Kansas City. They honeymooned in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, before moving to San Diego, California together, where Sirianni had been hired by the San Diego Chargers ahead of the 2013 season.

"I loved my job. I loved everything about Kansas City," she said to Colts.com. "I loved Nick more. So, it was all worth it."

Cantwell added, "I was from Missouri and had never moved out of Missouri. I hit reality and realized I'm in the most beautiful place ever, but it's kind of difficult because he works all the time."

While living in San Diego, the couple welcomed their first son Jacob. Before daughter Taylor was born, the couple moved to Orange County, California, when the Chargers relocated to Los Angeles.

The family made another big move together for the 2018 NFL season when Sirianni was brought on as an offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts. In January 2021, he was hired as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Sirianni family moved to New Jersey.

She's bonded with other NFL wives

The Sirianni family has relocated to several states over the years for the NFL coach's career. Luckily, Cantwell has felt camaraderie between herself and fellow NFL wives and coaches' wives who have been in the same situation.

"We're all in the same situation. That's what makes it easier, I think," she told Colts.com in 2019. "There are so many other coaches' wives that have kids and that's an instant connection right there."

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