Who Is Tony Finau's Wife? All About Alayna Finau

Tony Finau and his wife Alayna Finau have been married for more than a decade

Tony and Alayna Finau
Photo: Alyana Finau Instagram

When pro golfer Tony Finau is on the green, there's a good chance his wife, Alayna Galea'i-Finau, is cheering him on from the stands. The couple has been married for over a decade and share five beautiful children.

While Tony loves his sport, he admits it's not always easy traveling around the country for the PGA Tour, Gateway Tour, NGA Hooters Tour, National Pro Tour and other tournaments.

"I think the biggest challenge when I'm on the road is being away from my family," he told Deseret News in 2017. "I don't have as much time with my children as I'd like."

What makes it easier is knowing that Alayna is there to support him and guide their children even when he's not around. "I couldn't imagine my life without you by my side. You're the most beautiful, loving and understanding person," he wrote while celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary on Instagram.

Tony says that despite any ups and downs, Alayna has "always been my number one fan and my number one support."

Here's everything to know about Tony Finau's wife, Alayna Galea'i-Finau, and her relationship with the pro golfer.

She's been married to Tony for more than a decade

Tony and Alayna Finau
Alyana Finau Instagram

Tony and Alayna got married on May 12, 2012 — Mother's Day of that year — and they're still as affectionate as ever more than a decade later. The duo celebrated their 10-year anniversary in 2022 by enjoying a teppanyaki dinner and getting matching gold initial necklaces.

"Happy anniversary to my one and only!" Alayna wrote beside several Instagram photos from their special day. "Peaks and valleys, learning, growing, compromising and lots of loving. Nobody else I rather do life with than you."

While they haven't publicly shared how or when they met, Alayna shared some insight into their early days with their kids. She and Tony couldn't stop "laughing" while doing "how mom and dad met trivia."

"Like, 'Nooo you liked me first, Nooo you texted me first,' etc," Alayna wrote. "Just reminiscing our love story. Meanwhile our kids were 🥱😴 the whole time, giving no rats at all."

She and Tony share five kids

Tony Finau of the United States and his wife Alayna Finau pose with their children after Finau won the 3M Open at TPC Twin Cities on July 24, 2022 in Blaine, Minnesota
Stacy Revere/Getty

Tony and Alayna have five beautiful children together — Jraice, Leilene "Neenee" Aiaga, Tony, Sage and Sienna-Vee. Both of the parents come from big families — Tony is one of seven kids and Alayna is one of five — and before Sienna-Vee was born, Tony talked about wanting to grow their own family.

"We'd like to at least have one more," he told The Charlotte Observer. "We'll probably do five or six. We come from big families. I think Polynesians in general, but also the Mormon community, [Latter Day Saints], we like big families. I have five brothers and three sisters. (My wife) has three sisters and a brother."

Tony was thrilled when they welcomed their fifth child in 2021. "I'm a Proud father of 5," Tony wrote beside an Instagram photo of baby Sienna-Vee. "[Alayna] you are a strong woman and I'm so blessed to have you bring our children into this world ❤️ Grateful to my heavenly father for our new bundle of joy. #blessedbeyondmeasure."

Now, the athlete is able to support his kids' golf dreams. On April 30, 2023, hours after Tony won the Mexico Open, the father-of-five could be seen carrying two of his kids' golf clubs around a local par-3 course, per Golf Digest.

Their relationship is featured in an episode of Netflix's Full Swing

Tony Finau, Alayna Finau and Sienna-Vee Finau in Full Swing

Tony and Alayna are the subjects of a heart-wrenching episode of Netflix's pro golf docuseries Full Swing.

The episode, Don't Get Bitter, Get Better, gives fans an inside look at Tony's home life and shows the couple helping each other through the loss of his mother and her father — tragedies that bonded them even more as a family.

Alayna is a regular at Tony's golf events

Tony Finau of the United States poses with the trophy and his wife Alayna and son Drace after putting in to win on the 18th hole during the final round of the Cadence Bank Houston Open at Memorial Park Golf Course on November 13, 2022 in Houston, Texas
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Alayna is a fixture in the crowd of Tony's tournaments, and she makes a conscious effort to make that happen. "My kids come out probably about seven or eight times a year, then my wife probably twice as many," Tony told the Charlotte Observer. "So maybe about half the events."

That amount increased in 2022, when Tony suggested she and the kids join him on tour for five months following her father's death. "We've never done it before and I thought, no way! Traveling with five kids? On the road, to a new state every week?" Alayna wrote on Instagram. She was worried about ruining their routines and home dynamics, but Tony pushed her to come, knowing she needed the support.

"These five months have been the greatest blessing and tender mercy I ever needed," she wrote at the end of the tour. "Stressful at times, but worth it! I wish we did this earlier, but it panned out the way it did, all on the lord's time."

On April 30, 2023, Alayna and their kids were present to celebrate Tony's Mexico Open championship. The athlete shared a carousel photo on Instagram, including a photo of the whole family posing with his new trophy.

Alayna and the whole family caddied for Tony at the 2018 Masters

Tony Finau family
Tony Finau Instagram

The Finau squad took the 2018 Masters by storm when the whole clan showed up to caddy for Tony during the Par 3 Contest in matching outfits.

"My first @themasters was unforgettable," Tony recalled on Instagram. "Easily one of the craziest mix of emotions I've ever experienced. Looking back on it now, I wouldn't change it for the world."

Alayna had a blast at the event, and was thrilled that her kids got to see their dad play first-hand. "[They] witnessed a hole in one from Dad," she wrote. "Nothing short of an AMAZING experience to sum up the day!"

She and Tony share a passion for philanthropy

Tony Finau and wife, Alayna, prior to Presidents Cup at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club on December 10, 2019, in Melbourne, Australia
Con Chronis/PGA TOUR/Getty

Together, Tony and Alayna started the Tony Finau Foundation, a charitable organization that "aims to empower and inspire youth and their families to discover, develop and achieve the best of their gifts through education, wellness and recreation." Tony has been very vocal about growing up without a lot of resources, so he's passionate about providing what he can for those in need.

The foundation has launched several initiatives, including "Birdies for Books" to give books to underprivileged kids, "Tony's Turkeys" to provide Thanksgiving meals to those who need them, and "TFF + For The Kids," to bring meals to families during the pandemic.

On April 19, 2020, Alayna posted a photo with Tony holding a huge check for $100,000 to produce 5 million masks for healthcare workers during the shortage. "Let's take care of our true heroes!" she wrote. "The Frontline Healthcare workers who are sacrificing everything to help us!"

They're both Polynesian

Tony and Alayna Finau
Alyana Finau Instagram

Tony and Alayna share their Polynesian heritage and are both Latter-Day Saints — they're very proud of their culture and religion.

"It's really an honor for me to represent my people at the level that I am," Tony, who is Samoan and Tongan, told Deseret News in 2017. "I think the Polynesian people and the gospel are in harmony. We're very respectful people, and very humble people … and I try and let that shine through as much as possible."

Alayna also sees immense value in Tony representing their culture on the world stage. "Fun Fact: Tony is the first golfer of Samoan/Tongan descent to make it on the PGA tour and to also make it to @themasters," she wrote on Instagram in 2018. "We are so blessed to have such a huge support group behind us, but especially grateful to our Heavenly Father for the opportunity to chase dreams! Alofa atu."

Tony credits a lot of his success to Alayna

Tony and Alayna Finau
Alyana Finau Instagram

Tony is extremely grateful for all of Alayna's support, and often credits her for contributing to his accomplishments. She joined him in an interview with ABC after clinching the Rocket Mortgage Classic win in 2022, and he said, "I couldn't have done it without my support group, and especially my wife."

Alayna wasn't even planning to attend that event, but after she said he "kept hinting" that he wanted her to come, she hopped on a plane and surprised him.

"Last night I got to my hotel room, I open the door, and she comes — ahh! She literally surprised the heck out of me," Tony explained. "But it was really nice to have her with me last night. We had a long morning, but it was a lot nicer to have her there with me."

Tony has a special ritual to honor his wife and kids

Tony and Alayna Finau family
Alyana Finau Instagram

To show love to his wife and kids during his tours, fans noticed Tony writing their initials on all of his balls. Alayna confirmed the sweet gesture in an interview with PGA, but admitted there was a bit of a twist.

"So, Tony switches out," she said. "He puts my initials and the kids' initials on the ball. But if they're not performing, then he'll switch us out."

"I start with one (kid) and see how they perform," he told GolfWRX. "I'm pretty lenient, I'll give them some time, but right out of the gate, if it's lip-out and lip-out in a couple holes, it's the next one up. The good thing is I have five kids, so usually one of them is working, at least."

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