Fresh off the games at Sochi, America's Olympians and Paralympians help Michelle Obama get the word out about eating right

Step aside, all you pro jocks endorsing sugary sport drinks and fast food (you know who you are)!

Some 200 U.S. athletes from the Olympic and Paralympic Games at Sochi took to the White House’s South Lawn on April 3 to promote first lady Michelle Obama‘s Let’s Move initiative by revealing what real athletes really eat.

“Broccoli, ever since I was a kid,” said snowboarder Sage Kostenburg. “Anything green gives me energy,” freestyle skier Joss Christensen told Let’s Move executive director Sam Kass, playing the role of announcer Bob Costas for the mock Olympic opening ceremonies, complete with massive headset – but without the pinkeye Costas suffered in Sochi.

White House florist Laura Dowling fashioned an Olympic “torch” of artichoke, green beans and carrots, which Alpine skiing medalist Mikaela Shiffrin carried behind Bo and Sunny Obama.

“You know it’s not real fire,” Shiffrin noted, “but it’s kind of like almost better in a way!”

And Dowling’s “victory bouquets” of cabbages, artichokes, beans, herbs and Brussels sprouts almost didn’t survive the parade of athletes. Cracked sled hockey’s Steve Cash: “I fuel up with a lot of fruits and veggies. Kinda makes me want to take a bite out of one of these Brussels sprouts!”

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