Check Out All the Best Super Bowl Commercials Here!

There's still four days until the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots' big face-off in Texas, but many of the anticipated Super Bowl 51 commercials have already hit the Internet


There’s still four days until the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots’ big face-off in Texas, but many of the anticipated Super Bowl LI commercials have already hit the Internet.

From celebrity-filled spots to inspirational stories, this year’s batch of ads up the ante. Here are all the clips you can already watch online – so on Sunday you won’t have to stress about taking a commercial bathroom break.

Buick’s “Pee-Wee”

Miranda Kerr and Cam Newton unexpectedly pop up at a pee-wee football game in Buick’s offering, which promotes their Encore and Cascada vehicles.

Kia’s “Hero’s Journey”

Melissa McCarthy‘s best attempts to be an earth warrior go awry in Kia’s spot, which is appropriately set to “Holding Out for a Hero.”

Tide’s “Gronk’s Cleaners Discount Parts 1 and 2”

Patriots star Rob Gronkowski‘s stain-fighting approach leaves Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor‘s clothes in tatters in these two clips.

Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way”

Budweiser’s unintentionally political ad follows Adolphus Busch’s initial experiences in America after immigrating from Germany in 1857.

Mr. Clean’s “Cleaner of Your Dreams”

Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers get a little 50 Shades-y in the cleaning supplies company’s commericial.

Avocados From Mexico’s “Secret Society”

Avocados From Mexico’s commercial pokes fun at some of America’s biggest myths – and features a brief cameo from Jon Lovitz.

Mercedes’ “Easy Driver”

The Coen brothers expand their directorial efforts into commercials for this biker-themed Mercedes bit starring Peter Fonda.

GNC’s “#CourageToChange”

GNC’s Super Bowl offering unfortunately won’t air on the small screen come Sunday – the ad was cut by the NFL because the supplement chain sells products that contain some of the substances banned by the league, according to Forbes.

Bud Light’s “Ghost Spuds”

Bud Light’s commercial brings iconic ’80s dog Spuds MacKenzie back from the dead to help Brian learn to share the beer with friends.

Febreze’s “Halftime #BathroomBreak”

Febreze appreciates how high-stress a Super Bowl bathroom break can be – and shows how their product can help eliminate the odor sometimes associated with it.’s Big Game Spot with Jason Statham & Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot and Jason Statham are in their comfort zones for the action-packed spot, set at a classy restaurant.

Yellow Tail Wine’s Big Game Commercial

Model Ellie Gonsalves consorts with a kangaroo for the wine company’s 2017 ad.

GoDaddy’s “The Internet Wants You”

All your favorite Internet memes – like the dress – sneakily pop up in GoDaddy’s “The Internet Wants You.”

Intel’s “Brady Everyday”

Tom Brady will be on the field and in the commercial breaks on Sunday. He’s starring as himself in Intel’s commercial about their 360 replay technology.

KFC’s “Georgia Gold”

“It’s Finger-lickin’ gold!” Colonel meets his 24K-plated match in KFC’s commercial.

Ford’s “Go Further”

Ford explores why “no one likes being stuck” in their new commercial about their ride and bike-sharing initiatives, as well as self-driving cars.

Squarespace’s “Calling”

John Malkovich wants to use his name for his clothing website’s domain – but there’s another John Malkovich in the way.

T-Mobile’s “#UnlimitedMoves”

Justin Bieber is a “Celebration Expert” in T-Mobile’s fun end zone celebration-themed commercial, also starring Gronk and Terrell Owens.

Audi’s “Daughter”

In Audi’s spot, a father ponders the gender inequalities her soapbox car-racing daughter might face as she grows up.

Sprint’s “Car”

Sprint wants you to know there’s no need to fake your own death just to get out of a bad phone contract.

Honda’s “Yearbooks”

Want to see the high school yearbook photos of Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Stan Lee, Missy Elliott, Viola Davis and Jimmy Kimmel? Honda has them all in this Super Bowl spot. The photos are their actual “old pictures, which were then placed into practical shots of real yearbooks — collected from various staffers at RPA, the spot’s production/postproduction company and Honda,” according to Ad Age.

NFL’s “Super Bowl Baby Legends”

This year’s NFL ad, set to You’re the Inspiration, features babies dressed as legendary NFL figures. — and the cuteness is almost too much.

Skittles’ “Romance”

The fruity, colorful candy tells the story of a teen romance that involves the whole family.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ “The Encounter / The Conspiracy ft. Brett Favre”

Watch NFL legend Brett Favre get mixed up in some strange situations…

Lexus’ “Man and Machine”

The bit features an incredible dancer moonwalking, doing the robot and — walking on walls?

Wendy’s’ “Cold Storage”

Set to Foreigner’s Cold as Ice, the fast-food chain promotes their always fresh, never frozen meat.

Nintendo’s “Switch”

A commercial for the video game company’s new ‘Switch’ device launching March 3.

Michelob’s “Our Bar”

Serious fitness inspiration in this new Michelob bit

LIFEWTR’s “Inspiration Drops”

Featuring music by John Legend, LIFEWTR “paints the town” with colorful rain drops.

King’s Hawaiian’s “False Cabinet”

You can’t keep sweet rolls hidden from the kids!

Coca-Cola’s “America Is Beautiful”

In one of the first commercials to air, the soda company showed a montage of people set to America the Beautiful (in different languages).

Bai’s Big Game Ad with Justin Timberlake & Christopher Walken

Bai bai bai! The hilarious commercial stars former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake poking fun of the boy band’s famous hit Bye Bye Bye. Also, Christopher Walken makes a cameo.

Tiffany & Co. Lady Gaga for Tiffany HardWear

Lady Gaga starred in the ad for the jewelry company — the spot was aired minutes before she took the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show.

T-Mobile’s “#BagofUnlimited”

There are plenty of puns in the hilarious bit all about the banter between TV personality Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg.

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