February 16, 2017 10:02 AM

By all accounts, Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine was a smashing success.

His annual worldwide prom for people with special needs was held over Valentine’s Day weekend. The event, in its third year, honored more than 75,000 people with disabilities in 375 locations around the world, including all 50 states and 11 countries. Promgoers danced the night away in their tuxes and prom dresses.

Tebow, 29, has now enlisted some of celebrity friends to help with Night to Shine – and they’ve found themselves moved by what they’ve seen.

Case in point: Gary LeVox, the lead singer of country supergroup Rascal Flatts.

This year, the singer penned a special song, Night to Shine, for the event. While Rascal Flatts has not yet filmed a video for it, they allowed the song to be used for the event’s official highlight reel. (Check out the above video.)

“I love Night to Shine and the Tim Tebow Foundation,” says LeVox, “We wrote the song ‘Night to Shine’ as a way to use our gifts and platform to honor these amazing people with special needs.”

It’s hard not to be touched by the sight of hundreds of people with special needs being celebrated – some of them for the first time.

Last year, PEOPLE flew with Tebow to Haiti for a Night to Shine event, watching the former NFL quarterback – and current baseball player – as he danced the night away with people who have not historically been celebrated. “It’s more than a prom,” Tebow told PEOPLE in Haiti. “These are people who need to know that they matter. They matter to other people. They matter to God.”

For his part, Tebow says he’s humbled to be part of Night to Shine.

“The most emotional part of the night for me was traveling to five proms in two countries and seeing that they all had one thing in common, Love,” he says. “This is so much more than a prom, it is a time to celebrate people, to celebrate life and to tell each King and Queen that they have great purpose and value. I am blown away by the magnitude of Night to Shine 2017 and the way that God has truly blessed this worldwide movement.”

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