Antonio Cromartie is sharing his full-time daddy playbook on his new family-oriented reality show, The Cromarties

By Char Adams
November 09, 2017 02:17 PM

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Antonio Cromartie may be a seasoned football pro, but he wants everyone to know that he and his crew are the “typical, normal, American family” — for the most part.

Cromartie stars alongside his wife, Terricka, and children in a new reality show on USA Network aptly titled The Cromarties. The series follows the couple as they take on the challenges of raising a blended family.

“We’re just a large family that has a lot of fun with each other. We’re a very loving family,” Terricka tells PEOPLE. “Although my husband played in the NFL for such a long time, he’s a very present dad. We just want the world to be able to see him in his prime, doing daddy duties and having fun with his kids.”

In an exclusive sneak peek at the show, Terricka is gearing up to welcome the couple’s sixth child (born in August) — but they’re hands are already full with a five rambunctious kids, including a set of twin toddlers.

From father-daughter baby classes to massive messes in the kitchen, the clip shows some of the family’s wildest moments.

Terricka says she came up with the idea for the show, but Antonio, a father of 14, wasn’t too sure about the project at first.

“I was hesitant just for the simple fact of bringing the kids on TV — exposing our family,” Antonio tells PEOPLE. This is something my wife explained to me that she wanted, to show our family dynamic and how relatable we are. Once she explained it to me I was fully on board and it’s been a great experience.”

He adds: “The kids love it! Everything went as planned and went smoothly as possible.”

Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty

Despite Antonio’s reservations, the show has proven to even have a positive impact on the children, Terricka says.

“They had really big personalities to begin with. But now it’s a matter of them trying to outdo each other … I think it’s kinds just built their personalities up,” she tells PEOPLE. “It was just a great experience for them and I think the world will be surprised by just how big of a personality they all have but also how different they are.”

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The family filmed over the summer for eight weeks, Terricka says. And with Antonio on a break from football, the family fun certainly reached new levels.

During his past 10 years in the league, Antonio has played for the San Diego Chargers (now the Los Angeles Chargers), the New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals and the Indianapolis Colts.

He has been a free agent since last year, but Antonio says he’s eager to get back on the field.

The Cromarties premieres Thursday at 10:30 p.m. (ET)on USA Network.