"Dad, pops, grandpa, my hero ... You were all of the above," Veron Davis wrote on Instagram

By Lindsay Kimble
September 09, 2019 02:32 PM
Credit: Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty

Vernon Davis couldn’t hold back his tears on Sunday after he scored a 48-yard touchdown for the Washington Redskins.

The 35-year-old tight end’s grandfather died just one day before the game, and — as he told reporters, according to NBC News — “It just hit me. I just let it all out.”

Davis was caught on camera getting emotional after scoring the touchdown and was consoled as he left the field.

“I spent my first 18 years with him and he was just very inspirational in my life, so the last 24 hours has been ups and downs,” shared Davis with reporters. “I was able to come through … A lot of people [were] asking, am I going to be able to play today? ”

Continued the athlete, “He’s just been on my mind all day, I’m a very emotional guy.”

In an Instagram post, Davis shared photos of his grandfather, and wrote, “Dad, pops, grandpa, my hero… You were all of the above. I will miss you truly. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. My first 18 years of life you showed me how to be a man.”

“Thank you for everything. Rest well. Love you,” he said.

Credit: Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty

Despite Davis’ touchdown, the Redskins still fell to the Eagles, 27-32.