"That's literally the first thing she wakes up wanting to do every morning,” Jason Myers tells PEOPLE of daughter Sydney’s new bike

By Naledi Ushe
June 07, 2021 11:55 PM

Jason Meyers and Brian Nicholls made their daughter Sydney's 3rd birthday a dream come true!

After the Salt Lake City couple's little girl became obsessed with her dad's Peloton bike, Meyers, 35, and Nicholls, 40, built her a child-sized replica of her own to play with — complete with a tablet showing animated characters going on bike rides and everything.

"Wow," Sydney said upon seeing the stationary bike, in a sweet video posted on Dads by Design, the Instagram account Meyers and Nicholls use to shared their DIY home projects.

"Dad goals achieved," Meyers and Nicholls wrote in their caption showing Sydney's reaction.

It was a big hit with Sydney then, and remains one today, Meyers tells PEOPLE.

"We gave it to her on Friday and every morning she wakes up and goes, 'We exercise on the bike' [or] 'Exercise me ride on the bike,'" Meyers says. "That's literally the first thing she wakes up wanting to do every morning."

"She's literally obsessed with it," he continues. "I know that's an overused phrase but she loves it more than we could have imagined. You never know how a three-year-old's going to respond. Luckily she, she ended up being pretty thrilled with it."

Meyers and Nicholls got their own Peloton in the fall of last year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Meyeres tells PEOPLE.

Sydney took an instant liking to it. "I don't know how she knew because we've never had a stationary bike or anything before but she immediately sat on it, not on the seat but like on the crossbar, and tried to pedal the pedals and was like, 'Turn the music on, I'm going to ride it," he recalls. 

That's when the couple decided to make Sydney a bike of her own. After watching a tutorial online by blogger Laura Adney, the pair bought a discontinued Fisher Price Smart Cycle bike on eBay and went to work, sharing the process on their Instagram Story.

"We're pretty handy with our DIY so it was actually pretty easy," Meyers reveals, explaining that all he and Nicholls had to do was spray paint some areas of the bike black and attach a Peloton sticker since certain parts of the bike were already the correct color.

He adds, "It was a good payoff. There was more time in there actually hunting and researching than the actual work itself."

Mini Peloton
Credit: dadsbydesign
Mini Peloton

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Looking back on the big reveal, Meyers tells PEOPLE, "That was my favorite part of the whole thing."

"She was so excited that it was hers," he says.

And while the DIY dad haven't done a Peloton session at the same time as Sydney, she's made that request.

"She has told us that she wants us to do that but we haven't yet ventured into us doing a ride while she's doing one," Meyers says. "That's a video for another day."