The gold medal winner says when he saw his race played on TV he thought, 'That guy is fast'

By Cynthia Wang
Updated August 21, 2008 11:40 AM
Credit: Oliver Multhaup/AP

So what is the secret to Jamaican sensation Usain Bolt’s incredibly fast times on the track? Waking up at noon and eating chicken nuggets. Or so Bolt told reporters at a press conference following his world-record 10.30 time in the 200-meter dash.

“I got up at the same time pretty much [as I did for the 100 meters], no lie, at noon,” Bolt said. “My masseuse brought me the nuggets. I went straight to the track and then my masseuse brought me more nuggets. I just ate two though because my coach said I should not eat so many nuggets.”

Bolt also admitted that when he saw his race on the big screen at the Bird’s Nest stadium, he thought to himself, “‘I look cool,’ and I was thinking, ‘that guy is fast!'”

He certainly isn’t the only one thinking that. On Wednesday night in Beijing, Bolt bested Michael Johnson’s world record in the 200 meters by .02 seconds and became the first man since Carl Lewis in 1984 to win both the 100-meter and 200-meter dash in the same Summer Games. “It was the most impressive athletics feat I’ve seen in my life, said Michael Johnson himself.

In addition to being fast on his feet, Bolt, who turned 22 on Thursday, is a quick quip. When told Johnson called him Superman, Bolt replied, “I’m Lightning Bolt! I am not Flash Gordon or anybody. My name is Bolt, Lightning Bolt.”

Whatever he is, he has impressed the heck out of his competitors. U.S. runner Shawn Crawford, who earned a silver medal in the men’s 200, said, “He’s bad. He broke the 100-meter record, the 200-meter record. I’m serious! He’s bad. He’s a bad mamma-jamma. Like Michael Jackson said, ‘he’s bad.’ The guy came out and made this the best Olympics of my lifetime.”