Finn the bat dog ran into a little interference on the field while trying to do his job during Tuesday's Las Vegas Aviators game

By Maria Pasquini
April 11, 2019 02:42 PM
Finn The Bat Dog/Instagram

Talk about a bad call!

Fans of the Las Vegas Aviators weren’t shy about booing an umpire during Tuesday’s home game after the official got in the way of the team’s bat dog doing his job.

Even though the Aviators, a class AAA team affiliated with the Oakland Athletics, scored a 10-2 victory against the Sacramento River Cats for their first home game of the season in the newly finished Las Vegas Ballpark, fans were up in arms over the home plate umpire’s behavior toward Finn the Bat dog.

In videos from the game, the umpire can be seen picking up a bat thrown by a hitter, even though Finn was racing at it.

Ever the professional, Finn didn’t let a little interference get in his way. As soon as the umpire threw the bat to the ground, the pooch chased it down and retrieved it.

Commenting on the passionate response from the fans, a post from Finn’s official Twitter account read, “Might be the loudest boo in the history of umpire’s,” while another post from the pooch added, “Umps are cool…..sometimes they make bad calls..”

Added the Aviators, “We think it’s safe to say that the umpires learned the hard way how much Las Vegas loves their bat dog.”

In addition to retrieving bats that get thrown near home plate by batters, Finn has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Another post from Finn’s Twitter account shows the precious pooch gracefully jumping over a folding chair on the field during some downtime in the game.

“Do you guys get to jump over chairs at your job?” the charming video was captioned.

Before Wednesday’s home game, the dog also got a chance to visit with a group of children who were at the stadium to sing the national anthem.

“Hanging out with the elementary school kids pregame that are singing the National Anthem tonight!!! I love kids!” read a sweet Twitter post on Finn’s account.

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Finn has been delighting baseball fans since 2016, according to KSVN.

His owner Fred Hassen told the outlet in 2018 that the black lab, who was then 5, is actually “much faster” than the regular bat boys teams employ.

The beloved pooch gets put to work for the first three innings of home games, retrieving bats, balancing on fire hydrants and showing off his jumping skills.

“His enthusiasm and how animated he is, how much he loves his job, people can really see that,” Hassen said.