March 15, 2017 11:05 AM

Hallie Mossett went full Queen Bey.

The University of California, Los Angeles senior enlisted the help of some of Beyoncé‘s biggest hits during a February gymnastics competition in which she performed a Sasha Fierce-themed floor routine — and earned a near-perfect final score.

Naturally, she began with the 2016 hit “Formation,” performing splits and flips to a round of cheers from the audience.

Hallie Mossett

In a series of moves that would surely make the singer proud, Mossett gave a series of seductive snaps, a fierce strut and a sensual body roll to the steamy 2013 tune “Partition.”

Mossett then had the entire student section channeling its inner Beyoncé when she broke out moves from the mega-hit “Single Ladies.”

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Officials with the school’s gymnastics team uploaded the footage to Facebook in late February. The video has since amassed 4 million views and more than 50,000 shares.

The athletic — and equally fierce — display came a little more than a year after Mossett suffered a fractured sternum in February 2016 and missed seven meets, according to her UCLA athletics profile.

Talk about a comeback!

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