Tunde Oyeneyin Reveals Her Process for Creating Some of Peloton's Toughest Classes

The Peloton instructor also tells PEOPLE how she stays motivated and confident in her own workouts on and off of the bike

Tunde Oyeneyin
Photo: Tunde Oyeneyin/Instagram

Tunde Oyeneyin may be known as one of Peloton's most challenging instructors, but the fitness expert assures there's a method to her madness.

"I want people to come and have wins," the 35-year-old tells PEOPLE of her classes while discussing her partnership with keto coffee company, Bulletproof. "When I teach a class — I know that my classes are challenging — there are moments within a ride that I bring it down a notch because I want people to feel like they're finally freaking winning in that workout."

When it comes to putting a program together, Oyeneyin says she crafts her workouts like a "really well-written book."

"There's a beginning, there's a middle, and there's an end. Everything can't be a high moment. There's got to be dips, highs, valleys, and then lows," she explains. "I think it just makes for a more dynamic, more interesting workout that hopefully brings people back."

Depending on the type of class she's teaching, the Texas native says it varies whether she'll choose the music or design the workout first.

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"If I'm teaching something that's more fitness-focused, for example, bootcamp class, tabata, HIIT, something intervals-based, then I do the program first," she shares. "If it's a music-first class, like a hip hop ride or pop or eighties or something like that, then I let the music tell a story."

"I grab a whole bunch of songs, I put them in a bucket and then I try to make a science out of the song and kind of let that lead the format or the workout," she reveals, adding, "Sometimes I try to fool people, I disguise a very challenging class within a really great playlist."

Oyeneyin, who worked as a makeup artist for 16 years before joining Peloton, also opens up about how she stays motivated and confident during difficult workouts.

"I know people love to get a PR [personal record] and get their best output on the bike, but for me, many days, the goal or the standard rather that I'm holding for myself, it's just finishing," she says. "I think that that's what helps to build confidence — when you are able to set an expectation for yourself and then meet that expectation."

"Confidence is a skill, it's not a trait," she adds. "If you can accept that, then number one, you don't beat yourself up when it's gone ... and number two, if you don't have it, you know that you can find it. That relates to moments on and off the bike."

To get her mind and body ready for the day, Oyeneyin says she reminds herself she is the "gatekeeper to my own energy."

Tunde Oyeneyin
Tunde Oyeneyin

To keep her energy high, the fitness instructor says she starts her day with Bulletproof products, whether that be the brand's clean coffee or keto-friendly bars or supplements.

Oyeneyin says she likes to eat "foods that are higher in fat that help sustain energy long-term," such as avocados or the MCT oil from Bulletproof.

The athlete says she also loves the brand's "sweet and yummy" collagen protein bars which allow her to "enjoy something that's also really good for me."

"It's a double win," she adds.

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